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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng in new series

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Photoshop image from The Sun =P

[The Sun 08/10/2008]

The rumors between Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh have been circulated for nearly a month. Though they continue avoiding discussing their love life, they individually revealed intention of getting married. Kevin recently mentioned Charmaine in his interview; it seems that he is finding ways to make their relationship acceptable. On the other hand TVB is taking the opportunity to arrange them to film a new series, hoping to create a new pair of on-screen lovers.

Though the rumors between Kevin and Charmaine have circulated nearly a month, both of them avoided discussing regarding this issue. It was until last month when scale 8 tropical storm exposed their relationship, making their relationship a hot topic. Yesterday Kevin and Charmaine accepted Cha Siu Yan interview separately. In his interview Kevin mentioned that he wanted to start a family, which coincidentally matched Charmaine's wish earlier. Kevin said: "We are not young anymore! My relationship with Charmaine is colleague and friend. It's because I don't know how to handle (the rumors), I don't talk too much because I do not want to hurt other people!" Regarding the accusation that Niki Chow is using the rumors for self-publicity, Kevin fully supported her: "I knew her for a long time, I know she is not this kind of person."

As for Charmaine, she revealed in her interview that she have just returned to Hong Kong from Hawaii holiday break. Mentioning the Best Actor award, she avoids mentioning Kevin and rooted for Roger Kwok, Ha Yu and Moses Chan. She also indicate that she has not watched the new series of her rumored boyfriends Kevin and Ron Ng. Discussing on her love luck, she revealed that she have plenty of admirers since young age.

Hong Kong version of Jewel in the Palace

On the other hand, TVB sees that both of them attracted attention and decided to take advantage to cast them in next year's (February) 30 episode grand production series 《劉三好》(Lau Sam Ho – tentative title). The backdrop of the series is based on the palace servants (Seung Gong) during Tang Dynasty, revolving around the rivalry of the four wardrobe department for the Empress. The synopsis mirrored Korean hit series Jewel in the Palace. Charmaine will be casted as the leading character Lau Sam Ho. TVB have also arranged for Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, Tavia Yeung and Moses Chan from [Moonlight Resonance] to join the series, what a stellar production indeed. Executive Producer Mui Siu Ching admitted that she is busy designing the wardrobe for the series.

Having confidence in their collaboration

Reporters contacted Kevin and Charmaine to ask regarding the series and both of them indicate that they do not mind collaborating. When Kevin heard of the cast, he praised them as great. When asked if he will feel embarrassed working together with Charmaine: "Of course not! We will eventually have opportunity work together as we are from the same company. However, I have not received the script or my role." Kevin also expressed that he doesn't mind having sharing scenes with Charmaine and feel confident of the new series.

When Charmaine found out that she will be working with Kevin, she indicate that she will put her best effort in the series: "It's just work! I will try my best to follow company's arrangement." She also expressed hopes for the series, hoping for the series to break [JITP] record. Mentioning of the upcoming series strong cast, she is not afraid being compared to: "It's great that I can satisfy my acting cravings." As for Tavia and Selena Li, they also anticipate the series as they are happy being able to work with veterans like Susanna and Michelle.

Additional translation from Oriental Daily:

When reporters mentioned that the new series mirrored JITP, Charmaine said: "This series is about wardrobe, not food."

Mui Siu Ching will be producing new TVB series [Lau Sam Ho]. The story is about the rivalry between 'Seung Gong' during Tang Dynasty. Seung Gong department task is to provide gold pins, wardrobes and jeweleries for the Empress. The characters each have their own technique to survive in Seung Gong. Though [LSH] will only start filming next year, TVB is already sourcing wardrobe, headgear and jewelleries to ensure a luxurious palace effect.

If reposted please give due credit.

Image Hosted by Woohoo! Possible new series with Charmaine! So far only Kevin have confirmed to fans that he will be taking part in the series, his role with be an officer while Moses will be the emperor. We'll just have to wait for Charmaine's confirmation. I think they will be filming a sales presentation clip soon - the cast above is just too good to be true!

Again, the reporters took Kevin's word out of context. He did not mention or admit dating Charmaine in the interview. He only said that the rumors won't affect his relationship with Charmaine and Ron and they will still got out for meals.

Anyway back to the series. If Charmaine is taking part, I'll be so happy because she never acted in Tang Dynasty before! I just love the hairstyles and costumes from that era! The closest she ever get is to film the sales presentation clip [The Dynasty] with Gallen Lo. Coincidentally, Kevin also took part in the clip.

Image Hosted by (You know what, I hate it when HK reporters compared every series with JITP. So great meh?!)

p.s. I have already posted Charmaine's interview with Cha Siu Yan yesterday. Scroll down to the post below.

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