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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Part 2 - Charmaine @ 巴巴閉 邊個夠我查篤撐

Thanks to Jessie for the clip.

Brief summary of the interview below. Again, I recommended to listen to Charmaine's interview if you know Cantonese because her replies are always witty and entertaining.

1. In her 3 months break, she returned to Hawaii for a month along with some girl friends. However, she avoid getting under the sun due to her skin condition. Charmaine has developed serious skin allergy during FH2 filming and she spent a few ten thousand dollars at dermatologist. She has taken medicines for more than 8 months already.

2. She also went to Thailand to make prayers to Four Face Buddha.

3. During her holiday break she filmed 3 advertisements, earning quite a sum. However, her income tax for 2008 is expected to exceed HKD1 million and she hope it will not reach HKD2 million. She doesn't mind paying the tax as it means that she earned a lot, but still feel painful having to pay a lump sum.

4. Charmaine admitted that she is not good in stock investment. She did lose a bit money as a result of US finance crisis but it's very small compared to some of her friends.

5. Cha Siu Yan asked if she was following The Four (Ron Ng) and Last One Standing (Kevin Cheng). Charmaine said she stopped watching TV after following Moonlight Resonance. She followed MR religiously and often rush home to watch the series. If offered a role in MR3, will she accept it? Charmaine said that she will be happy but if not she will still support the series.

6. As the winner of Best Actor and Actress award often receive a hike of 30-40% fee increased, would she like to win again? Charmaine said that she won't win this year because the competition is really strong. She is rooting for Michelle Yim to win Best Actress while for Best Actor, she supports Roger and Ha Yu. She feel it's a pity Ha Yu did not win last year. She feel that Moses doesn't emphasis on awards that much and he's the kind of person who like to share happiness of winning award with others.

7. Charmaine did not expect to win this year, she hope to win in another year. Apart from [Enterprise Doctor], she doesn't have any future projects at the moment. She is happy to be nominated but understand that her chances are low this year. Still she hopes that her votes are not that far apart, LOL! So fans, remember to vote for Charmaine!

8. A lot of TVB artistes are singing and signing record labels. Does she plan to do so? Charmaine said that she does sing (not much) and prefer filming series. On movies, she felt that the industry is more of a close circle and not inclined to cast newbies (in filming movies). She will continue to concentrate in her TV career.

9. As she has achieved Best Actress award, does she has any other goals? Charmaine joked that she is aimless now. She hopes to win again and most importantly, filming is fun for her. Her upcoming series [Enterprise Doctor] has a very interesting script.

10. She enjoyed all her previous roles - Country Spirit, Maiden's Vow, Seven Sisters, War and Beauty, Dance of Passion. She remember that filming DOP is really laborious to her, as she has to roll on the desert sands. Afterward she have to wait pitifully 3 hours in her hotel room before bathing due to water shortage. However, the time spent with fellow cast members make her forget the earlier sufferings.

11. She has a lot of pursuers during her school days. She studied in a convent school and everyday, there will be boys waiting for her after school. However, she is very nervous and will quickly went up the school bus. An admirer once past her a slip saying that he'd like to know her and he has been noticing her for quite some time - even keeping track of how many times she changed her backpack. One even expressed his feelings in Yes! magazine, though he keep her name anonymous.

Charmaine also accepted an interview from Cha Siu Yan two days ago: Click here to listen

TVB 41st Anniversary Award Promo Clip

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Image Hosted by Lol... Funny clip, especially Michelle Yim's expression.

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