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Sunday, September 07, 2008

[Re-upload] 東方之珠 Glittering Days OST

Image Hosted by As Astro Wah Lai Toi and Taiwan are currently airing Glittering Days, I've decided to re-upload the soundtracks from the series. Please note that these are ripped versions.

Song list
3 Golden Flowers - Carmen
Charmaine Sheh - Carmen
Charmaine Sheh - Like mist, like flower
Charmaine Sheh - Past is only for reminiscence
Charmaine Sheh - She is not in my heart
Charmaine Sheh & Joel Chan - Teary raindrops
Charmaine Sheh & Wong Cho Lam - Like Mist, like flower
Charmaine Sheh & Wong Cho Lam - Silent wishes
Lai Lok Yi - Bye bye love
Lai Lok Yi - Love you twice
Lai Lok Yi - Oh Carol
Lai Lok Yi - One way ticket
Liza Wang - Handsome Man
Mimi Chu - HK Girl
Sharon Chan - End of the world
Sharon Chan - The circle game
Suzanna Kwan - Only to live a day for you
Wong Cho Lam - Dream searching garden
Wong Cho Lam - Mei Lan, Mei Lan I love you
Wong Cho Lam - She is not in my heart
Wong Cho Lam - White cloudy sky
Wong Cho Lam & Liza Wang - White cloudy sky
Wong Cho Lam & Mimi Chu - Darling
Wong Cho Lam & Queenie - Rich man & Beauty
Wong Cho Lam & Queenie - Temple street song
Theme song (mandarin) - Oriental Pearl

You can download the rar. file from the link below:

The links will not expire unless inactive for a week - therefore please take the opportunity to download now. It took me nearly 5 hour to upload to Sharebig :( I would like to thank Fongie4 for uploading them to sendspace on my behalf.

I have also uploaded the songs individually back in March - most of the songs are still active:
Download here.


[The Princess] said...

Thank you!!

halfnutz said...

thanks. have been hunting for those songs for quite some time. searching for chinese songs when you don't know how to read chinese is extremely hard.

your site had been marvelous. :) cheers

Xi Gua said...

Thanks alot!

shinni said...

i am unable to download the songs.
It showed this:
Sorry, the file is not available.

The file is either expired (deleted)
or removed because of copyright issue
or the upload of the file is cancelled.

what's wrong with it arh?

sehseh said...

Sorry, this is the last time I upload the songs. After they expire, I will not upload anymore because it's already 2 years that continue to re-upload them.

Hope you all will understand.

shinni said...

means today just expire?

sehseh said...

I run a check in megaupload and sendspace, it's still working. The sharebig file is still working as well. Use Firefox instead of IE.

The file still works, it's your internet browser giving you problems.

shinni said...

eh,what is firefox?

sehseh said...

Firefox is another internet browser. It's the most popular browser nowaday, it's equal to Internet Explorer, which I think you are using since you have no idea what is Firefox.

Go google firefox, that's all I can say.

shinni said...

i tried downloading from sendspace.Its is RAR file,how i am going to open it

sehseh said...

Go google RAR or WinRAR, there's plenty of free download of the software.

shinni said...

thanks alot :) i got the songs already.thanks :D

shinni said...

anyway,do u have scavenger paradise songs as well?

Aishah said...

i cant downlaod it leh. hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Hey could you send me these songs to my e-mail add?

MIN said...

hi there. i've downloaded the songs. But only 2 seems to be able to rip from the file. =(

MIN said...

The songs appear to be missing from the file that i had extracted =( I need these songs because both my parents and I enjoyed this show's songs tremendously. Therefore, i would be grateful you if you would send me! (:
you can send it to me at my email-add:
thanks alot!! (:

hihichew said...

Thank You~~~~
i luv the 3 Golden Flower sang that song~~~

so, i must thank you you for letting me download....


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