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Friday, September 12, 2008

Kevin Cheng admits break up, Charmaine Sheh expressed her view

Note: The title is very misleading, Kevin never mentioned about breaking up nor he admits dating anyone. The article is not entirely reliable, since reporters tend to add salt and vinegar to spice up their article. If you wish to re-post, please do so with care.

[The Sun 12/09/2008]

[Kevin-Charmaine love] is currently the hot topic and 'leading actor' Kevin Cheng are accused of two-timing. A filming crew exposed that Kevin has been calling and sending SMS to Niki Chow in hope of saving their relationship. However, Kevin's co-start Leanne Li comment "A long time ago" on Kevin-Charmaine relationship has made others suspicious.

After Kevin and Charmaine's rumors spread, [Burning Flame 3] crew member divulged that Kevin often make calls and SMS, looking very anxious and seemingly trying to patch up with Niki. On the other hand, Niki seems to be weary and lost appetite to eat. Yesterday 5pm, Niki have just finished filming [Snooker King] in Yaumatei quickly hangs up her phone after noticing some reporters waiting in the area.

Kevin and Leanne remained evasive while filming [Burning Flame 3] early this morning. However, when co-star Leanne was asked to comment on [Kevin-Charmaine], she slipped: "A long time ago!" When reporters pressed her for explanation, she knew she made a mistake and said: "When someone is dating, they will be extra happy, expressed within their heart. I don't feel this from Kevin."

Admitting there are chance to meet

The 'leading actress' Charmaine Sheh breaks her silence and replied for the first time: "I can tell you that I don't have boyfriend at the moment! I am good friends with Kevin and Ron Ng, three of us are TVB managed therefore we often have chance to meet. I also know that they don't have girlfriend." When asked if she will avoid meeting them, Charmaine indicate that she won't and praised both of them: "They are really good guys. Ron keep things to himself and doesn't reply (to the reporter) most of the time, therefore he kept being accused. Kevin is very stable, he knows how to take care of other people and give a sense of security." Asked if she would accept being pursued since she is currently single: "I don't know about the future, we are just friends at the moment. I also want to find a shoulder to rely on! However, now is the golden period to work, I don't have time to develop relationship!"

Stressed that he is not two-timing

As for Kevin, he finally made an explanation yesterday and stressed that he is not a two timing person: "I haven't contacted Niki for quite some time! (Does that mean you broke up?) We did not communicate for a long time." Hinting that they have broken up for quite some time. Regarding rumors of him sending SMS to Niki to patch up, Kevin denied this but admitted he have called Niki, as they are still friends. "In my past relationships, I only start a new relationship after I have ended the first one. Now I am working hard to find my other half. I hope to have children and build my own family. I am no longer young, I really envy Roger Kwok who have his own career, family and children." About Charmaine and Niki, Kevin praised them both as good friends and on-screen partner. Asked about his relationship with Charmaine, Kevin stressed that they are not dating. Whether they have chances to develop further, he smiles and said: "Any single ladies out there have chances."

Ron Ng commented: "The previous rumors about me and Charmaine is absurd enough, and now it's evolved to multi-triangle relationship. Now is my golden period to work, I do not wish for further rumors and I don't care how other used it as publicity. The conclusion is to let it die down and please do not repeat again."

Additional translation from Apple Daily:

Charmaine Sheh: Do not wish to be used

Charmaine is still at Shanghai when she accepted the long distance call from reporter: "I am good friends with Kevin and Ron, we often have chance to work together, having meals together. To my knowledge they don't have girlfriend. I am also single at the moment. Though both of them are good guys, we are only good friends. I will not start avoiding anyone and I look forward for working collaboration in the future. However, I do not wish to be used by other people for publicity."

Kevin Cheng also replied through phone: "All along I only start a new relationship after I have ended the first one. I do not practice two-timing. I'm no longer young, I also want to build my own family and have children. However I am still searching for my other half. If I have found one I will let you know."

Additional translation from Oriental Daily

TVB Production Resources executive Virginia Lok expressed that she knows her contracted artistes Charmaine, Kevin and Ron very well and are sure that they are not two-timing people. In private, their relationship are very close like siblings. Going out for meals are normal and they are not involved in multi-triangle relationship. They treasure what they have gained from working so hard.

If reposted, please give due credit.

Image Hosted by Finally, Charmaine gave her feedback on this issue. I hope everyone is happy, especially the reporters who could have ruined her holiday and the atmosphere of her younger brother's wedding in Shanghai.

I also pity Kevin. The rumor was blown out of proportion by haters and insecure Kevin-Niki's fans, who started to flame Kevin and accuse Charmaine of nonsense in forums, especially in Kevin's Baidu Forum. Of course there are also true Kevin fans that stands to the test by having commonsense and sticking to Kevin. Sometimes I wonder if one is truly a fan as they claim they are, or just being a fan of certain pairing.

Image Hosted by Since everyone gave their feedback, I think we should just rest the case and let it die down.


Funn Lim said...

I never knew Kevin was seeing Nikki but since they're always paired as lovers I wouldn't be surprised they're an item and yet I feel they're not right for each other. Nikki's too young, Kevin seems like a very mature guy so he may like someone older and more quiet and I feel if the rumours are true over Kevin and Charmaine good for them. 1st they would make a very beautiful couple and perhaps very beautiful children although not very tall. 2nd I don't like the idea of gossip monger Ron Ng with Charmaine, since Ron's gossip is always inevitably about money. Character is an issue and I don't think they suit each other as well since Ron is obviously younger. If Charmaine wants to find someone stable and is the marrying kind, Kevin may be it. Hmmm when will we hear any rumour about Moses? I mean the way the rumours go it is like making a round. Moses is ok, I like him, they would make a very polite couple. But Bernice, who can fight her?

Anyway rumour or not, it is not negative news. Not like Charmaine seduced Kevin, etc ala Sienna Miller. There is always some truth in the reporting so whilst I wouldn't take it seriously but I would certainly entertain the idea. Don't tell me the idea of Ron is better than Kevin? Oh and when will Benny make another statement? I am waiting with eager anticipation.

sehseh said...

No one says that Kevin can't date Charmaine.

It's the words/nicknames and accusation the reporter liberally labeled on Charmaine that even make a seasoned fan like me unhappy.

Give me prove, just one prove of them having affair AND Charmaine saying what she have alleged to say about Niki being an idiot. They can't.

Artistes are very pitiful. They can't retaliate against reporters or else they will have difficult days ahead. They can try to sue ala Bobby Au, but tell me, does that deter those dogs?

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