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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Having mutual understanding with Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng desires marriage

Added Oct 1, 2008 - Kevin's interview @Ebuzz

Special thanks to Bebe for recording the interview.

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[The Sun 30/09/2008]

Recently Kevin Cheng has been accused of leaving Niki Chow for Charmaine Sheh. He did not make explanation on the rumors – is he not afraid of affecting his image? During Kevin's interview for [MR] magazine: "In my opinion, love is a matter between two person, I do not want to do the unnecessary for other people." He stressed that he is searching for a girl that he could love wholeheartedly and allows him to peacefully strives on in his career. Discussing on his future partner, Kevin hopes that she is an intelligent girl and could communicate with him. He stressed again that he is a faithful person, he will stay and protect his love, seemingly hinting something. About his ideal of a wonderful life, he said: "Life will be wonderful with a fulfilling marriage. My dream is to have children and outstanding career. I am now working hard toward this goal." Coincidentally Charmaine also expressed this to friends.

In addition, Charmaine's old flame Benny Chan returned from Chongqing to Hong Kong last night and when he was asked regarding the rumor of Charmaine meeting Kevin amidst scale 8 tropical storm resulting in car breaking down and hence exposing their relationship, Benny laughed and said: "How to reply? You should ask her!"

There's also a tabloid magazine dragging Anita Yuen into Charmaine's rumors, quoting that Anita angrily said that she is going to 'stab' Charmaine for revenge. Regarding this news Anita and husband Chilam Cheung laughed and said that they were not upset, and thanked the tabloid for the 'promotion'. Anita joked that the tabloid's original intention is to create news about Charmaine, but now the spotlight has pointed to her. Her words are taken out of context and she is afraid of getting warned by police (for threatening to 'stab' LOL). She smiled and expressed helplessness, saying that the tabloid should quote her words from MHK days, so that she can remember her beautiful memory. She also said that Kevin and Charmaine are both single, if they are really dating Chilam and her will wish them well.

Sehseh: My take on the issue is still the same - please do not gossip and let the news die down. It doesn't matter if Charmaine is indeed dating Kevin or not, what matters is her happiness and as Kevin indicated, love is a personal matter between 2 person. I trust that Charmaine will let us know when the day she marry Mr Right arrived.

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Funn Lim said...

I am not trying to stir up anything but you know I always thought Charmaine Sheh's greatest love, the one that was never hers but she liked him immensely and would have wished was her was Chilam. I truly believe that because of the body language. Whether they actually got together or not is debatable since Chilam is now married and a father as well but I always thought perhaps the man she wanted to be with got away. I think she likes this kind of guys; those who outwardly shares a very gentlemanly soft look, like those refined looks, not masculine but gentle looking. Even Benny had that look but one can't predict him being a womaniser. Whether Kevin is real or just rumour, I wish her much luck. My sis said she will marry into a rich family. I said I don't think so. She will probably marry someone from the entertainment business, money she can earn herself. I believe she believes in love above all else.

sehseh said...

You are right about the money part. If she wanted to marry a rich man she would have picked M.L. few years back and became the billion dollar daughter-in-law.
I just hope that she will find her Mr Right one day and when that day come, if I can afford if I will buy ticket to HK and witness her fairytale wedding myself.

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