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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charmaine Sheh ready for new relationship, Kevin Cheng is a good guy

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[Mingpao 25/09/08]

'Rumor Queen' Charmaine Sheh gathered together with rumored boyfriends Kevin Cheng, Ron Ng and Joe Ma at [TVB-CMB Alliance New Long Journey] press conference yesterday. TVB will be collaborating with South Korea CMB channel and more than 10 TVB artistes attended the conference. However, Charmaine became the spotlight due to a handful of her rumored boyfriends taking pictures with her.

Before entering the studio, Charmaine was chatting happily with her old rumored boyfriend Joe in the makeup room and reporters were already dogging her. Upon entering the studio, she was seated next to Moses Chan and two seats away from Kevin. She casually chatted with Moses, while Kevin showed an uncomfortable expression. Sensing something amiss, Moses quickly stood up and closes the gap between them in order to allow the reporters to take pictures of them together. Though this have created a buzz in the crowd, but the blushing Charmaine maintained her smile while Kevin have a tight expression, his smile is a bit forced.

As the event commence, Joe and Ron entered and took their respective seats. Though Kevin is seated next to her, Charmaine did not converse with him but instead chatted with Joe who sat in another row. At the end of the event, the artistes were arranged to take group picture on the stage. Charmaine and Ron was held by the reporters to take pictures and created another buzz in the atmosphere. Kevin stayed grouped with fellow actors and went to the side of the stage, laughing in secret. Reporters discovered that Kevin is going to leave the venue and asked him not to leave yet. TVB executive Virginia Lok stopped Kevin and hinted to him to take picture with Charmaine and Ron, therefore he obediently stepped on the stage. Upon seeing the reporters frenziedly snapping pictures, other TVB managers helped the trio by pulling their actors to take group pictures with Charmaine. In the end it became [Actors group picture with Charmaine Sheh].

Kevin expressed that he is not embarrassed appearing together with Charmaine. When pointed out that his smiling is a bit forced, he explained: "That is because you rarely see me. I always smiled like this! I don't mind taking pictures with Charmaine, there are plenty of opportunities in the future. We will meet again in upcoming TVB anniversary events." The scale 8 tropical storm could not stop Kevin and Charmaine meeting as according to some villagers, Kevin's home in Saikung was flooded due to the storm and thus his car broke down. Villagers helped to push the car and Charmaine was in the car. Kevin admitted that his car was broken due to being flooded but did not say that Charmaine was in the car. He indicates that he will not respond to rumors.

In comparison, Charmaine was more gracious in her reply. She indicates that she was together with Virginia Lok and a bunch of colleagues in a dinner event with CMB executives. Kevin was also at the dinner. When asked if she took a ride on Kevin's car, she denied: "I live in Hong Kong Island, there's no such thing." She expressed that she is not embarrassed appearing together with her rumored boyfriends. "Just now we took pictures in total chaos, I was more worried being pushed off stage by reporters. If I tripped that will be truly embarrassing." She has already replied to rumors countless time and felt that it was getting boring.

If only Benny Chan and Chilam Cheung were at the event yesterday, it will turn into Charmaine's emotional history. Charmaine charmingly but sarcastically replied: "For 10 years, my career history was achieved through hard work, not just rumors."

When Charmaine responded to her relationship with Kevin and Ron, there seems to be different rank. She described Kevin as good colleague and friend, while Ron is just colleague and friend. She praised Kevin as a good guy but indicate that he is not pursuing her. "I am still single and is ready to consider new relationship." She seems to be hinting this to the good guy. (Rubbish!)

Joe considered his rumors with Charmaine as outdated. On the other hand, Ron was reported drowning his sorrows in alcohol during Mid-Autumn festival. When asked regarding his rumored girlfriend Wong Ying, he laughed at the rumors: "I don't know her. I use the same handphone model with Kenneth Ma, are we gay then? Sharon lived in the same estate, is that considered cohabiting?"

Additional translation from Oriental Daily

Selena Li does not believe Charmaine seduced Kevin

Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Selena Li, Lai Lok Yi, Kate Tsui and Kenneth Ma also attended the press conference held by TVBI and CMB. During the event, Selena chatted happily with Charmaine. Selena revealed that she have become friends with Charmaine after filming [When Easterly Showers Fall On the Sunny West]. When asked about Charmaine's rumor with Kevin, Selena said: "The rumors cannot be taken seriously. (Did you ask Charmaine?) There is no need, but to me Kevin doesn't seems to be Charmaine's type."

On the other hand, Moses was arranged to seat in between the rumored pair Charmaine and Kevin. The reporters kept asking Moses to give up his seat and Moses later agreed but the atmosphere turned awkward. Later, Moses expressed: "Stuck between the rumored pair, they are not chatting therefore I gave up my seat to allow the reporters to finish their 'homework'."

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Image Hosted by The media sure had a field day yesterday. By the way, Charmaine isn't exactly blushing. She's suffering from skin allergy (perhaps due to the weather change?). Clips posted below.


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