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Monday, September 01, 2008

Charmaine interview @ Shanghai TV Weekly

Mag scans credit to 小兔斐斐 from KuangaiTVB BBS.

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Apparently, I was accused of purposely misleading fans by giving inaccurate information about Charmaine. I simply choose not to alter the interview article - I also asked not to repost the article. After all it's just an age number and older or younger by a year doesn't matter in this case, since the article doesn't sit on this topic. Those who constantly visit my site know that I am one of the most loyal fans to Charmaine out there. I'd rather emphasize on more important issues like her privacy, career and personal happiness than being sour on a simple number. I am truly insulted and I repeat - I never forced anything in return for my contributions and definitely will not force anyone to visit my site. With this said, I'd like to thank those who have always supported my site and rest assured that I will continue to post updates. This is my site, which I have sincerely dedicated time and effort for nearly 4 years with a clear conscience and no one can tell me that it is unworthy of anything or anyone.


Right before the interview, Charmaine was busy reading her scripts and applying her make-up, looking really nervous. It's not that she is worried acting with Eric Tsang and Wang Hom, but the director decided to change her role right before the show opened! From 'mother' to 'daughter', she has to memorize her dialogs all over again. "Wah, I am going crazy!"

Mid Autumn Festival – eating mitten crabs with mum

Charmaine said that all TVB actresses have one distinguished characteristic in common: Hardworking. They film series day and night. Under this kind of training, it's not too difficult for them to memorize their scripts in a short period. Apart from her strong focus in career, Charmaine spend her remaining attention on her pet cat at home. She will give her cat a bubble bath whenever she has free time.

Charmaine almost never took a break since entering TVB. Two months ago, Charmaine finished all her work at hand and visited her mum in USA. "I stayed for a month, eating her home cooked food every day. We also went to Hawaii..." Charmaine claimed not to have special preference in food and loves eating roast squab and Chinese mitten crab. Her highest record is eating 8 crabs at one go.

Autumn is coming soon and Charmaine made a promise with her mum: "She will be coming to HK and we will go eat Chinese mitten crabs together. "Someone mentioned that the Mid Autumn Festival falls on September 15 and Charmaine looked a bit lost: "Ah! I never celebrated Mid-Autumn festival for almost 20 years. I think I will take my mum to the bayside for moon gazing…"

Next month – Resuming fate with old partner

Charmaine came to Shanghai to attend the recording of TV show [Bravo, Beijing Olympics]. Among the sport events, Charmaine's favorite is gymnastics. Her favorite athlete is Yao Ming. "I really wish to meet him, but I will have to wear really high heels or else I will look like a midget."

Time can solidify one's sentiment, but Charmaine said maybe it's due to her filming more comedies, she feels a little wacky. She has just finished filming a 30 episode series [Turbulence of East and West] in Guangzhou. She will be filming a new series [Business Doctor] in October with Dayo Wong, whom she has never worked together for a long time. "Ten years ago, there was an opportunity to work with him in [Justice Sung 2]. However, I was transferred to [Detective Investigation Files 4] after filming for a week. You can consider the upcoming series as 'resuming our unresolved fate'." In the series, Dayo portrays a business 'doctor' whose expertise is in rescuing bankrupt business. Charmaine is the owner of wonton noodle restaurant. "He came daily to eat noodles, so…"

The storyline remind us of Wong Jing's [Lady Iron Chef]. Leading actress Charmaine was labeled by HK media as 'Worst Actress'. "Never mind, there are many types of leading actresses, everyone's preference is different."

In two years – Getting married

In regard of Charmaine’s preference, it is still a big mystery. Though she insists that she is not dating anyone, she disclosed on a few occasion that a guy kneeled and proposed to her in Switzerland when she was 19 years old. "I was still studying back then and was not dating. I was quite shocked."

Now reaching 34 years old, she is motivated in getting married. "I will grasp my opportunities in coming 2 years, as many of my friends are already married and some even had children." She doesn't have special requirement toward her other half, "As long as we can communicate well, get along happily, dotes on me and older than I am. I don't mind whether if he is from or outside the entertainment business, nor will I hide (our relationship) from media."

Earlier, Charmaine's rumored boyfriends Raymond Lam, Joe Ma and Benny Chan also attended this TV show. When Charmaine heard this, she pretended to be lost: "Really? They came? I knew about Raymond, but I'm not sure of the others." The truth is, barely three weeks ago had Benny Chan divulged in public: "I've once have a love relationship, which I thought will led to marriage but it still ended... but I am still waiting!" At this, Charmaine smiled and said: "The past is the past. I will never look back."

Image Hosted by Sorry, I did not translate the bottom part not because I don't want to, just that the wordings are too small for me (they're talking about her 'rumored boyfriends' anyway). Due to the quality of the scans, I could not translate the interview word per word but rest assured that the important points are translated into the article.

Image Hosted by Anyway I received news that [Turbulence] might be aired on November (edited Sept 3) instead... TVB seems bent on making [Turbulence] and [Jewels] as this year's anniversary canon dust (pau fui)...

Added September 3: Note that the article is reflecting Charmaine's age in Chinese lunar calendar (adding additional year), or a typo made by the magazine. Charmaine is born in 1975, which means she is 33 years old in Western calender. It's also partially carelessness on my part for not clarifying but the callous comments made by someone in cbox is definitely uncalled for.

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