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Friday, August 08, 2008

Now watching: C'est la vie, mon chéri (新不了情)

Themesong 新不了情 by Jane Zhang (MV)

Weaning off TVB series at the moment, I currently watching C'est la vie, mon chéri (also known as Endless Love); a 30 episode series remake of the classic movie with the same title. The series is also produced, directed and written by the award winning director Derek Yee (C'est la vie, mon chéri, One Night in Mongkok, Protégé).

The original movie starring Sean Lau and Anita Yuen is very memorable, including the themesong (which I always pick at karaoke - ahemm). The original characters' shoes are hard to fill - though I believe the cast for the series are doing great. I'm currently at episode 10 and I'm looking forward finishing the rest of the series. If time permits I will write a review as well because it's been a long time since any series made me felt like doing so.

Image Hosted by Frequent visitors of my site will know that I like Chen Kun (smoldering hot!) but the thing surprised me? I'm actually impressed with Fiona Sit's portrayal of Ah Mun.

Do not hesitate to discuss the series with me in this post, and do not fear spoiling me - anyone who have watched the original movie know how it will end anyway.

p.s. My folks will be in town for a month starting tomorrow therefore I'm likely not online on weekends for the coming 1 month. I'll still be around on regular weekdays.


fairytale-promise said...

Hey Sehseh! You're watching EL! Omg, this series will NOT disappoint you! I loved it SO much! It is one my favourite series of all-time.

Believe me, you will be crying your eyes out towards the end of the series.

pew said...

hey.. can u add me on msn..
really keen on makin friends with ya... and wow keep up de good work in maintaining the blog... (: i was bloody happy when i was searchin abt charmaine and landed here... (: like finally somewhere i can knoe more abt her!

sehseh said...

Hi Pew,

Welcome here. All Charmaine's fans are welcomed here, so I hope you will enjoy your stay and get to know more about Charmaine.

I don't use MSN though. You can still email me anytime at

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