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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Charmaine @ Bravo, Beijing Olympics

Credit to Charmaine Sheh Baidu Forum

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Looking forward filming with Dayo Wong

[Ent 20/08/2008]

TVB popular leading actress Charmaine Sheh appeared at 《喝彩!北京奥运》[Bravo, Beijing Olympics] live airing yesterday. She smiled and said that she has just finished taking the longest holiday break since entering entertainment business: "I rested for a month and visited my mum in Hawaii. I still pay attention to the Olympic games, especially gymnastic event. This is because I have practiced on the balance beam before. My biggest dream back then is to do a somersault on the balance beam, but it is really difficult. Therefore I really admired those medallists."

When asked which athlete she would like to meet in person, Charmaine said Yao Ming. "Because he is really tall. I will take off my heels to take picture next to him, I’ll look like a midget."

Returning from holiday, the topic will naturally be diverted to her upcoming work schedule. Charmaine says that can still rest for a period of time: "I'll be filming a new series in October with Dayo Wong. It's a light-hearted comedy. The tentative title for the series is called [Business Doctor]. Dayo is a 'doctor' whose expertise is in rescuing companies that are going bankrupt. I will be his lover in the series." She also expressed that this her second collaboration with Dayo. "Unfortunately the first time we worked together for a short period of time, which was [Justice Sung 2]. We only worked together for a week, therefore I really anticipate the upcoming series. Plus, we will be filming comedy series, therefore I'm really looking forward to my first comedy series.”

Though she admits she is not as funny as Dayo, Charmaine feels that she won't lose out to him either. "He can't go freely on his own, there is a script to follow. Therefore I have confidence that our collaboration will be hilarious."

Since there were plenty of celebrities' marriages this year, such as Tony Leung and Carina Lau' s wedding, Charmaine was questioned about her future plans. As this, Charmaine smiled: "It's not that I don't want to. I haven't found my other half yet."

She frankly expressed that she doesn’t have special requirement for her other half, "As long as we could communicate well, being happy together, dotes on me, preferably older than me. I don't mind whether he is from inside or outside the entertainment circle." Charmaine also said that if she have found a companion, she would not object letting the public know. "I won't purposely deny nor I mind other people finding out. However this will depend on the opinion of my other half."

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Credit to Charmaine Baidu Forum.

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