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Monday, August 04, 2008

《喝彩,北京奥运》Bravo, Beijing Olympics

Updated: Charmaine will be attending a live broadcast in Shanghai on August 19!

[新闻午报 04/08/2008]

In conjunction with Beijing 2008 Olympics, DragonTV (东方卫视) will be airing 《喝彩,北京奥运》(Bravo, Beijing Olympics); an all-star variety show starting August 9 onwards. Hong Kong celebrity Eric Tsang and Mainland China comedian Huang Hong will be leading two groups; Red and Yellow to cheer on for athletes and play different games to win mysterious prizes for audiences.

So far Fei Yu Qing, Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Bowie Lam, Tian Lang, Liu Xiao Qing, Charlene (TWINS), Jiang Kun, Feng Gong, Annie Yi, Wang Rugang and 100 etc entertainment artistes have confirmed to take part in the show to show support to the Olympics.

The show will take part simultaneously in two studios in Shanghai and Beijing. The yellow and red team located in Shanghai will competing in sport games, pop quiz and talent show related to the Olympics. They will send out different team members daily to represent them.

Producer company SMG (Shanghai Media Group) expressed that the artistes are not performing the usual singing and dancing talent. The topic for the games must be related to sports and varies from time to time, giving an exciting element to the artistes. Audiences could also sms in their votes to support their favorite team, winning mysterious prizes along the way.

As for Beijing studio, there will be daily interviews by guest presenter such as Hacken Lee, Dodo Cheng, Louis Koo etc.

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p.s. I only translated the parts related to HK artistes.

Other rumored artistes:
Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Gallen Lo, Roger Kwok, Joe Ma, Wong Hei, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Gigi Lai, Linda Chung, Bernice Liu.

Other updates:
[Turbulence of East & West] is tentatively set to air on September 22, 2008 - which is also TVB anniversary series as well.

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