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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yu Mou Lin steals limelight from TVB fadans

Added 25/7/2008

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Credit to 感月 from Baidu Forum

[The Sun 24/07/2008]

Earlier, veteran actress Yu Mou Lin gained unexpected popularity after filming TVB travelogue [On the Road 3]. She attended HK Book Fair 2008 with Tavia Yeung, Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu and was very popular among the crowd, stealing the limelight away from TVB fadan and siusang!

The 74 years old Yu Mou Lin appeared at TVB promotional booth at HK Book Fair 2008 yesterday along with Tavia, Charmaine, Myolie etc. to promote [On the Road 3]. Though surrounded by a group of younger artiste, their popularity could not be compared to Yu Mou Lin's. The crowd called out her name non-stop and requested to take pictures with her – proving how popular she is!

Charmaine who have just returned from visiting her mother in Hawaii expressed that she will be travelling to Shanghai next to visit her younger brother. The reporters teased that Charmaine's holiday trip are only used to visit relatives and none of them are 'two person paradise' (with boyfriend). "Well, I will be with my younger brother (that's two person)! However he is getting married next year. I don't know why all the men in my household can get married before 30 years old, I'm such a failure! (Did your family rushing you to get married?) Mummy didn't, but my 94 years old grandma is. She asked why am I working so hard for, I should get married. (Did she ask about your rumors with Ron Ng?) Of course not! She doesn't know how to read, and her eyesight is blurry."

Tavia wore a deep V dress to the event and indicate that she made safety precautions to avoid revealing herself. "It's summer now! Therefore I will wear more tank top because it'll feel much cooler. When other people sees me they will feel cooler too. (Any plans to publish book?) I want to publish a handicraft book with my mother and sister. I'm going to discuss with the company after doing more research." Stephen Chan also attended the event and expressed his wish to publish romance novel. He is planning to use his friends' love stories as blueprint. As he's not too experienced in romance himself, he won't be including his stories in the novel. When asked if TVB planned to crown Raymond Lam as Best Actor this year, Stephen lightly brushed aside the allegations.

Additional translation from Singtao:

When the reporter pointed out that Charmaine did not dress sexily enough, she asked back: "We have to dress sexy today? Well I did revealed my legs." She revealed that in the past, she would put on disguise to go on a shopping spree at book fair, mostly buying romance novels and cookbooks. Though she is often busy filming series, she believes that the cookbooks will be put to good use eventually. Recently on a holiday break to Hawaii, she revealed that she will be filming a new series in late September. She enjoyed her holiday and indicates that she will be visiting her younger brother in Shanghai soon. When asked if she have met anyone special, she laughed and said: "I will be a pair with my younger brother, but he is getting married next year. Both my elder and younger brother gets married before 30, but I don't have such luck. However I'm not in a rush, I believe everything is fated. I'm happy with my life now and I'm learning to cook, just in case."

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More pics:

Larger resolution pics credit to Charmaine Baidu Forum:

Image Hosted by Charmaine is back in HK!!! And she look absolutely gorgeous and fair in the pics, you won't believe that she actually went to Hawaii! Actually her holiday is not over yet, she will be going to Shanghai to visit her younger brother. If we are lucky, there might be news of her if she decides to attend public events.

By the way, mentioning lucky... I was browsing when I decided to check who's online at the moment - and guess what?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by Charmaine is online! She was ONLINE and her nick is just next to mine (小诗)!!! Yes, that was basically my expression when I saw the icon. At first I couldn't believe my eyes and when more and more fans realized, it was like hysteria in the website.

Image Hosted by However, the bad news is that she didn't leave any message. It wasn't her first time at the website though. For the past week she actually visited the site twice, but go unnoticed except for admins. See, our dearie Charmaine is not too internet savvy, she is the Queen of SMS but when it comes to internet...sigh. So the admin is going to prepare a 'guideline manual' for her so that she can post message the next time she log in. Lol!

Note: Beware of imposter, because Charmaine only goes to and She always write in Chinese, never in English.

Anyway, I saw tabloid news that Charmaine was originally offered the role of lead actress in Gallen's upcoming grand series with TVB in November. Due to his divorce being made public, they decided to scrape the plan and find an actress who never have rumors with him before to avoid further complications. I'm skeptical about this news because 1. Dayo Wong already announced Charmaine as the female lead for his new series during June, which is way earlier before Gallen's divorce was made public. 2. This coming from a tabloid already reduced the credibility down to 10%. Anyhow I would love to see Gallen and Charmaine work together again in the future, though chances might be low as Gallen indicate that he will only film grand series with TVB (those with 40 episodes or longer).

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Adele said...

I actually went to browse after reading this post, and signed up there. Its a pity Im not great at reading chinese texts. I can, but I usually read really slowly in Chinese.

Thanks for letting us know tho, its great she keeps up with what her fans are saying about her. Ive always watched her work and always liked her but became a huge fan of her recently.

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