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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random MV: Obviously Loving You

Crimson Sabre themesong '明明深爱着你' by Hacken Lee
MV created by 二十一弦 from Tudou.

So... who guessed correctly that I will be choosing this series? It's purely coincidental for me - the MVs I posted are not intentionally chronological in order.

Gordon Lam came up third in my Charmaine's most compatible on-screen partner. There were rumors that they were dating while filming Crimson Sabre, though both denied it. They also worked again in the classic series Country Spirit; which is still considered as one of Charmaine's best series to date. More on Country Spirit later (hint hint).

Like her earlier series, Charmaine's acting is very raw - but she have this kind of charm that lit up the TV screen whenever she appears. The scene where she meet Gordon while playing flute on the floating boat remain fresh in my memory.

The ending of the series is quite sad... Seng Chi (Gordon) asked Ah Gau (Charmaine) to leave China with him but she rejected him. After losing her arm, she chose to become a nun instead. I remember how sad Gordon looked when Charmaine showed him her shaved head. They love each other but could not end up together.

Anyway, TVB can't change the ending - Ah Gau had to be a nun, or else there would be no Ah Gau Si Tai who eventually became one of Wai Siu Bo's sifu in Duke of Mountain Deer!

Do you know that Charmaine actually portrayed the character of Princess Cheung Ping twice? She is the fictional Ah Gau/Cheung Ping in Crimson Sabre, then she portrayed Cheung Ping again in [Perish in The Name of Love]. The storyline, of course is entirely different.

p.s. I also added an advertisement Charmaine filmed back in 2006 which I have never posted it here before:

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