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Monday, July 21, 2008

Random MV: It wasn't meant to be

Fanmade MV credit to

If Youtube is giving you trouble, you can watch the MV here:

Since Charmaine have gone on holiday break and thus no news updates for fans, I've decided to post random fanmade MV of Charmaine's series to help quench our thirst. And my first choice? Charmaine & Sunny Chan in DIF4.

Do you know that TVB actually filmed two ending for DIF4? One that Sunny marries Lee San San (the one that we saw) and another one where he actually chose Charmaine? Even though Sunny chose to remain faithful to his demised wife in the end, I somehow got the feeling that he will eventually get back together with Charmaine in the future because their strong feelings was still very obvious.

Though Charmaine was a greenhorn in acting back then, her chemistry with Sunny Chan was undeniable. Prior to DIF4, Charmaine was paired up with Sunny in FFOSM99 and he was the one who patiently taught her how to grasp emotional scenes. IMO apart from Chilam, Charmaine had the most chemistry with Sunny. Fans of Tze San and Man were heartbroken back then as they do not end up together - though Sunny have returned to TVB a few years ago, unfortunately there haven't been an opportunity for them to pair up again yet.

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