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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Joe Ma says he have most chemistry with Charmaine Sheh

Warning: Due to the sensitive nature of this article, I do not wish for the article to be reposted elsewhere. Kindly respect my wishes and stay away from my wrath.

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[Zaobao 12/07/2008]

Refuting the rumors with Charmaine Sheh, TVB actor Joe Ma defends her thrice.

With the nickname of 'Dey Jing, TVB dongka fadan Charmaine Sheh giving Joe Ma back massages and being inseparable during filming? Joe denies: "Massage? They can't even provide picture evidence!"

Even though he is already a married man, TVB actor Joe Ma has plenty of rumors since entering entertainment business. The recent one: While filming [Turbulence] with Charmaine, they share the same chair and their action were intimate. Charmaine even gave him a back massage...

When asked, Joe denies the allegations and nonchalantly said: "There is no such thing. Massage, where are the pictures? Charmaine is a good partner, and my friend. The rumors have been around for years, I don’t understand why they keep spreading it..."

Regarding on the rumor of them missing from the set for 20 minutes to celebrate Charmaine's birthday, Joe explained: "We did not went missing; we actually celebrated the light master birthday. The producer was there too."

There are also rumors that Liza Wang scolded Charmaine for coming late to filming. Have they fallen out? Joe defended Charmaine: "Definitely not. Everyone was serious in their job, we are professional actors. Ah Jie (Liza) even treated us to soups!"

Recently, Hong Kong tabloid [Next Magazine] pointed out that big brother Gallen Lo Kar Leung marriage fallout years ago; the rumored 3rd part Jessica Hsuan was actually a scapegoat. Insider revealed that the true third party was someone else and hinted as Charmaine instead!

Joe's first reaction was: "I thought Jessica was the rumored one? Wow, what a shift in 'storyline'! Charmaine wouldn't be the 3rd party, as for Lo Kar (Gallen) marriage problem, I can only show concern as a friend and should not comment much. This is very unfair to them."

Back to his rumors, why does he always get linked to these rumors? Was it because of his strong love luck?

"Maybe the tabloids could not catch me getting late to filming, therefore they wrote it this way. Of course, it's always better not to have rumors." Joe answers casually.

Since he has so many rumors with his female co-stars, does he need to give explanation to his wife? He expressed: "She understands, there is no need to explain..."

With so many rumors, have they affected his career negatively? Does it hurt his marriage?

"It doesn't affect me to much. The audiences still pay attention to my acting. As for marriage, so far so good." Joe looked at reporter calmly.

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Commenting on his rumored co-stars

When commenting on his 5 rumored co-stars, Joe frankly admitted that he have most chemistry with Charmaine!

In the past, there were plenty of actresses linked to Joe. According to his analysis, there could be two reasons: 1. Due to his gentleman nature, 2. His past roles as playboy may have affected his image, giving other people the feeling that he is flirtatious.

When reporter asked him to comment on his previous rumored co-stars, Joe does not mind giving his feedback.

1. Charmaine Sheh: Very intelligent, very skillful in emotional scenes, capturing them precisely.
2. Sonija Kwok: She works hard, her acting is constantly improving.
3. Jessica Hsuan: Very straightforward, very diligent, we work well together. Being her partner means I can quickly finish the job and go home.
4. Kenix Kwok: A very compatible partner, we communicate very well, giving life to our characters.
5. Fala Chan: Very intelligent, she has her own viewpoints and understanding.

The partner with best chemistry?

"Charmaine Sheh. In [Maiden's Vow], except for future era, we partnered from costume to modern era."

(The last section of the interview is not related to Charmaine, therefore I did not translate it)

Image Hosted by This Singaporean news site is so... 'bat gwa' (busybody). Sometimes they just copy and make assumptions from other mainland china news site. Anyway, seems like the interview is from Joe's recent visit to Singapore.

The recent why I translated this article is because I want to avoid people asking questions about the rumors above and flaming them further. It's better for fans to read the news here and get clarification.

Anyway, Charmaine are good friends with Joe and Gallen, the latter one being her mentor as well. She already clarified that she will never get involved with a married man, therefore we should trust that she have better judgment.

About her rumor with Liza Wang, Ah Jie herself have stepped out and clarify that Charmaine was never late to filming and they got along well. If you go to Ah Jie's official website, you can see that she takes care of Charmaine nicely from her pictures.

Image Hosted by Last but not least, her restaurant partnership with Eric Tsang in Chengdu (Sichuan) didn't work out well. The restaurant business was affected due to the earthquake and they have decided to close it down. A pity, but shouldn't affect Charmaine too much.

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