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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

[Forensic Heroes 2] Netizens feels doubtful of Charmaine and Kevin romantic storyline

Warning: Spoilers of FH2 ending below!
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Note: I kind of translated the article impromptu, therefore kindly excuse me if there is unintentional mistakes. Please do not repost the article at other sites. Thank you for your co-operation.

[ 01/07/2008]

Producer replies: "This way it won’t hurt either parties"

[Forensic Heroes 2] aired its final episode last Saturday. With the average rating of 34 points and peaking at 37 points, this is considered as good result among recent TVB series. There were plenty of online discussion on the series, mainly on the relationship between Frankie Lam, Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh. Netizens feels that according to the plot development, Charmaine should end up with Frankie. However, near the end of the series Charmaine and Kevin suddenly 'speeds up' their relationship and became a firm pair. They are wondering if TVB purposely paired up their TV King & Queen for the sake of selling point. Executive producer Mui Siu Ching answers all netizen's question in today's interview with YCWB. She also expressed that they haven't decide whether to film part 3.

Double wins for both ratings and comments

Earlier, TVB series went through a low rating period therefore they decided to air [FH2] starring Bobby Au, Frankie Lam, Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh, Yoyo Mung etc. which focus on how the police force solves crime with the help from forensic team. The results turn out quite well. Apart from the increasing ratings, the series also receives good comments. Producer Mui: "Not only that the audiences says it's good, what makes me happier is that a lot of professionals praised on the realistic details. Some police friends half-joked that this series brought a lot of pressure for them as the audiences now realized that forensic science can be used to solve a lot of difficult cases. They have to be extra vigilant at work now."

Doubts about romantic storyline

There is a lot of discussion of this series among netizens. Though most of them support FH2, they are doubtful of the romantic storyline. Producer Mui (MSC) answers their questions:

Question 1: Sacrificing Frankie to pair up TV King & Queen?

In the series, Kevin openly courts Charmaine and they started dating, while special feelings developed between Frankie and Charmaine in the background. FH2 plotline also concentrated on their relationships. "According to TVB style, everyone thought that Frankie will end up Charmaine in the end." Unexpectedly, Kevin and Charmaine's relationship progressed quickly in the last few episodes – such an abrupt change for the netizens. They suspect that TVB feels they are better off pairing their TV King & Queen, hence changing the scripts at last minute?

MSC: "We hope to create a storyline that won't hurt either parties. During filming we did continue to improvise the scripts. We feel that Frankie deeply loves his demised fiancée Ding Ding (Linda) and if he moves on with Charmaine, it will affect the character's image among the audience. Moreover, he is Kevin's best friend. To protect Frankie's character, we decided to arrange Charmaine and Kevin together. With this arrangement, Frankie get to maintain his brotherhood friendship, while Kevin & Charmaine is also a popular pair. Results show that audiences like this arrangement.

Question 2: Concentrating on new cast, neglecting old ones?

Bobby and Yoyo are the original cast in [FH1]. Their screentime was significantly reduced in [FH2]. A lot of audiences feel that TVB concentrates too much on the new cast such as Charmaine and Kevin. "It doesn't feel as good watching because Bobby has too little screentime."

MSC: "With the addition of new cast, it's natural to reduce the screentime of the others cast Bobby and Yoyo's relationship were already well established in Part 1 therefore if the storyline were to concentrate on them, the series will lose its fresh appeal. So we decided to use the relationship between Frankie, Kevin and Charmaine as plotline instead. Actually, we planned to have more Bobby and Yoyo's screentime, there was even one case specially written for them. However, a technical problem appeared midway – during filming Bobby was invited to International Emmy Award, and after his return from US he got sick and could not film. Therefore we canceled the case."

Question 3: The ending is an opening for Part 3?

In the ending episode, Bobby and Yoyo held their wedding. During the wedding ceremony Charmaine received a phone call informing her that Kevin woke up from coma while Frankie met his potential love interest Sharon Chan. This ending is quite ambiguous. Netizens feels that this kind of ending is a bit bland. "We thought Kevin will die." This arrangement is seen as an opening for part 3. There are plenty of rumors saying that TVB is planning to film FH3 soon.

MSC: "If we killed Kevin, we are afraid there will be a lot of complaints, saying that we should not kill his character. We feel that this ending is much better. With an open ending, though Kevin woke up, will he suffer from memory lost then? This leaves us with a lot of possibilities. Regarding filming Part 3, we haven't decided on it yet. This is because filming a series like FH requires a lot of preparation and data collection. We also need a good filming crew. and cast In addition, if we really film another sequel, we have to ensure that it will excels its predecessors. We will need time to discuss whether to film a sequel or not."


Image Hosted by The big question: Will there be FH3?

Chances are 50/50. I personally dread FH3 because I don't want TVB to write a cliche plot with Ivan losing his memory. But I guess we can put the question to rest for now as the main cast schedules are already booked till the end of the year, therefore I doubt FH3 will be filmed anytime soon.

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So, there is a possibility for Sam and Bell to end up together in the original script?!

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Sigh... the couple that never was...

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Advo said...

I have to say that I supported Bell and Ivan as a couple, but I thought the ending was hidious! I agree, that scriptwise, it seemed like a Sam/Bell ending, and they there was the abrupt shift were Bell was back with Kevin. I really liked Charmaine and Kevin as a couple in FH2, which was why I was really disappointed with TVB dragging in a "third person", I feel it's the biggest cliché in TVB's series. But, I hate it even more when they make abrupt changes, that don't really make sense or work out just to make it more commercial. If Bell was developing feelings for Sam, then fine, let's go through with it. I was actually quite disappointed with FH2 overall, I felt like the cases were not that interesting, and as much as I adore Charmaine, I didn't like the extremly focus on "the characters" especially Charmaine over the old ones. I feel that they really neglected Bobby and Yoyo, who would have given the series a more versatile appeal.

sehseh said...

I blame TVB scriptwriters. Personally I cringed at FH2 focusing too much on Bell - it certainly won't go well for FH1 fans, who already established a degree of faithfulness to the original cast.
I'm not sure about Yoyo - but Bobby lack of screentime does disappoint me. If there is FH3, I'm sure Yoyo & Bobby will regain more screentime - reason being Yoyo is now criminal psychology expert. Just don't focus on the main case personal life too much.

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