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Friday, July 18, 2008

Food loving Selena Li afraid of bursting her qipao

[The Sun 18/07/2008]

Earlier westernized Selena Li went to Zhongshan, Mainland China to film a 'Man Chor' series. She admits liking this era but very scared when it comes to wearing qipao.

Selena, Charmaine Sheh, Liza Wang, Joe Ma, Edwin Siu and others went to Zhongshan to film 'man chor' series [Turbulence of East and West]. Selena rode on a rickshaw for the first time and enjoyed the nostalgic atmosphere. "Apart from feeling nostalgic, there was also a scary scene! We filmed a scene where I have to leap off the rickshaw wearing a 3-inch high heel. That was quite dangerous! I'm worried of accidentally twisting my ankle, but luckily the filming was very smooth."

Becoming buddies with Charmaine Sheh

Though she loves the nostalgic era of man chor, Selena expressed fear when qipao was mentioned: "I'm afraid of wearing qipao! Even though qipao show off the beautiful feminine figure, but you cannot eat too much while wearing the qipao. I love to eat; therefore qipao is not really suitable for me! Actually, wearing qipao is quite 'bullying'. It will only look nice if fitted correctly; it won’t look good if it’s a bit loose or tight. It’s quite a challenge."

In addition, Selena revealed that she have become close friend with Charmaine after working together: "Before this we worked together in [Forensic Heroes 2], but we doesn't have much screentime together therefore we are not that familiar yet. However in this filming trip to Zhongshan, we get to spend time together, I feel that she is very fun to be with and she is very nice to the cast and crew, unlike the news articles saying that she is very cool (cold)."

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Image Hosted by Hehe.. . Selena look very cute in that bob-styled wig. I also reposted the picture from Selena TVB Blog.

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