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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

[East Weekly 253] Charmaine Sheh: Still waiting for the best

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The weather on the day of the interview is clear and beautiful just like Charmaine Sheh's coordination. Earlier in the morning she attended a charity function for Sichuan Earthquake victims and rushed over during noon. The moment she sat down, she said: "The hair and makeup stylist haven't arrive yet, so let's do the interview first!"

She is a speedy person, not only her actions are quick, she talks quite fast too. She is clear about her goal and acts precisely.

No? Similar ranking fadan like Jessica Hsuan, Kenix Kwok, Ada Choi etc have either left the competition or faded from Hong Kong scene.

She is still very spirited and sat firmly on TVB 1st sister throne. Her coyness, flirtatious is merely packaging.

"I've always been self-dependent. You can't survive in the entertainment circle if you are weak." She admits that she is willful. Though she is at top of her game, she still lacks the feeling of security.

"I don't trust anything except money." This is the speech from someone truly experienced. If Charmaine is a type of beautiful flower, she must be a rose who has thorns to protect herself.

"I lack the sense of security. All these years, no one can give me the feeling of security. I can only depend on myself. I am satisfied with the current condition, but I believe that the future hold better things," she firmly stated.

Lacking sense of security

Charmaine Sheh can be considered the most hardworking fadan. Though entered entertainment circle 10 years ago, her fighting spirit persists. Taking a sip of hot lemonade, she continues:

"That is because I lack the sense of security. Money gave me the biggest security. My work also gave me a sense of security. And my work is acting."

She thought for a while and added: "I don't want to toil day and night till 60 years old. You can't plan in this field. If there is work, accept the job. If there is money, then earn it."

Charmaine's father passed away when she was 5 years old. Her mother single-handedly brought her up, resulting in her independent spirit.

"Over the past 10 years I’ve always lived alone. I worked part time to support my university fees. I depend on myself for everything."

She still keeps in contact with her fellow university friends. Some of them are already married with children. Returning from work in the middle of the night and facing the four walls of her home, Charmaine also wanted a family of her own.

"I'm so envious of some people who get married and half children 1-2 years after graduation and working. However, it's still the same for me – I haven't found someone I can rely on, someone who can make me feel secure."

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Caption: Charmaine's mother is the most important person to her. She openly declares her love to mum on Mother's Day last year.

Willingness to let go

She already attained Best Actress award and earned her money, therefore if she meet someone suitable, she is willing to retire to get married.

"If you asked me few years ago, I'm not prepared yet. However, I am ready now. The company (TVB) told me that they are willing to terminate my contract if I get married."

With everything in place, she is just waiting for an opportunity. As for previous rumors Benny Chan Ho Man and Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, they don't seem to be potential good father. Charmaine really likes children, to the extent of not minding to be an unwed mother.

"I really like children, I love playing with my nephew. If I have children, I will give up my career. I don't mind being an unwed mother. The most important thing is the capability to take care of the child, and to raise him to become someone useful in the society."

Hoping to get married, hoping to have children; all these remain a [Hope] only. Charmaine is still industrious with her work, but compared to previous filming of 100-120 episodes per year, without doubt she have relaxed a bit.

"In the past, I worked everyday. However, starting from June 2006 I learned to take vacation. The reason being my mum fell seriously ill that year and required surgery. She temporary went into cardiac arrest. Back then I was in midst of filming [Glittering Days]. When I received the news, I was in Beijing attending award ceremony, getting read to step out on the red carpet. It was 6pm when the phone call came and I had a bad omen. I feel so useless, for being busy with work and not spending enough time with mum."

Feeling guilty and doing some self reflection, Charmaine swear to become a filial daughter and spend one month vacation with her mother every year.

Could it be due to her 'Sister' status, does she find it easier to decline a series offer?

"Don't call it as decline; just that everything can be discussed." Charmaine answer revealed a sense of dominance.

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Caption: One series after another, Charmaine recently filmed [Turbulence of East & West] with Joe Ma in Zhongshan.

Very satisfied

Every time she hears Miss Hong Kong Pageant music, Charmaine felt a shiver. However, she also has fond memories of the curious and hopeful girl she was back then.

"I am satisfied with what I have now. However, I will feel tired too, filming from am to pm, pm to am. Sometimes I only have two hours break to go home for shower. I will phone my mum and listen to her voice, someone to share my worries with. One time, I'm so tired I fell asleep standing. To become an artist, you must depend on your self perseverance."

She lives alone in her luxury apartment located at the uphill North Point, with a magnificent ocean view. However, she has never drawn her window curtains apart for once.

"Working so hard to save money to buy the house with ocean view, but I've never get to enjoy it. No choice since I don't want my pictures to be taken by paparazzi, which will result in unnecessary distress. This is the price of fame."

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Left caption: Charmaine is always generous to friends. She often lends her Benz to Catherine Chow (Siu Kam in Dance of Passion).
Right caption: Charmaine admits being familiar with Ron, but denies they are dating.

Not that stupid

Interviewing Charmaine, the questions about her rumor with Ron Ng eventually pops up. She firmly stated: "I do not wish to discuss about him. If you really want to know, I can share with you in private."

Switching off the voice recorder, Charmaine's answer is actually quite 'standard'.

"Yes I am familiar with him, but we are not dating. This time I'm strictly no comment, because no matter how we explain, there will be more similar reports. This is not good for any one of us. About the rumor of me buying a car for him, I don't think there's any need to respond, because it's just too ridiculous!"

I believe that Charmaine did not buy a $2 million Porsche for Ron. It's Money! Money is Charmaine's security, she won't be that stupid. Who do you think she is? A naïve young girl experiencing first love? If you say borrow, then the possibility is higher. She often lends her Benz SLK to her good friend Catherine Chow Ka Yee.

"It's just car, no big deal!"

Charmaine's friends out there, you heard it!

If reposted, please give due credit. Please excuse me for any unintentional mistakes.

Magazine scans credit to xiaoyun from KuangaiTVB BBS.

Image Hosted by There you go. Spent half day doing the translation, therefore if anyone want to repost, please give the proper credit it deserves.

Don't get the article wrong. Charmaine is not money crazy, just that she is saving for her retirement. She keep most of her earning in her fixed deposit account to earn interest. Fans should be prepared for the possibility of her retiring in the next 3-4 years. If that happens I will feel sad too, but as long as she is happy that is all that counts.


Adele said...

Hi thanks for translating Charmaine's news. I really need it as I cant read Chinese.

This fan club you're talking about are you in it as well? Is there an official website I could visit?

Funn Lim said...

Poor Ron Ng, why is he involved in a scandal where he receives rather than gives? And why would she need to buy him a car and a porsche at that? He can't afford one meh? And if he can't and he had to have Charmaine buy one for him, then please somebody slap Charmaine and shake that woman and tell her "A GUY WHO LIKES TO EAT RICE SERVED ON A SLIPPER IS ULTIMATELY USELESS!!!!"

Now that Gallen Lo is available, even with a son and a divorce I think more highly of him than Ron Ng.

Truth is I don't believe this nonsense. I can't imagine Charmaine with a toy boy. Charmaine wants marriage, children and security and therefore whoever she will be with will be someone older or same age, of stable job and good income and a decent reputation and looks like Chilam and Benny Chan. Those scholarly good boy look, whatever their real reputation may be.

Ron Ng has no chance.

Charmaine, Charmaine!!! Go for Raymond Lam. Rich, handsome, young, super talented, apparently well endowed as well. Party guy yes but can be tamed!! Or maybe which young actor is the son of a super rich father? There is one but i can't remember his name. Whoever, not Slipper guy!

Mark my words, next car will be a lamborghini or an aston martin.

sehseh said...

Adele, Charmaine's official site is

Funn, she have a penchant for Benz.. though she did thought of buying a Porsche for herself last year.

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