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Friday, July 25, 2008

Catherine Chow Ka Yee spent her birthday crying

[The Sun 25/07/2008]

Catherine Chow is recently filming TVB series [Tiger Wong Snatches A Bride] and had to spend her 29th birthday in filming studio. The cast of the series celebrated her birthday. Mimi Chu brought a cake while Chin Ka Lok, Nancy Wu, Rain Lau and the others pretended to be reading scripts started to sing birthday song, making the birthday girl cry from this touching gesture. Ka Lok even teased: "Don't cry, let big brother give you a hug." In addition, Gigi Wong prepared herbal drinks for the party. Best buddy Charmaine Sheh shows her thoughtfulness by celebrating Catherine's birthday before dawn.

Image Hosted by Happy Birthday to Cat! Her birthday falls on July 23rd. I heard from Cat's fans that Charmaine celebrated her birthday in the middle of the night. So thoughtful! Haha... I also have a habit to wish my best friends' happy bday as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

p.s. Cat is Charmaine's best friend... they were together holidaying in Malaysia earlier this year... Cat also took care of BB while Charmaine is on holiday... I chatted with Cat before and she is very genuine and friendly.

Someone in Baidu reposted a clip of Charmaine filming advertisement for Japanese skincare ISQ a few years ago, so I figured out you guys/gals might be interested. She's so cute - I like it when her hairstyle is sleek and simple:

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