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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Forensic Heroes 2 recaps (episode 15-20)

Spoilers ahead!

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Image Hosted by It's the most dreaded post of the week again. Well, not exactly punctual either as I missed writing recaps last weekend. Before you take out those virtual eggs and rotten vegetables, I did post two interview articles therefore I do deserve to be let off the hook this time around.

Episode 15 continues from episode 14 suspenseful ending. Siu Yau was attacked by the serial killer and just as the situation turn critical, she was saved by a passing stranger. Siu Yau was deeply affected by this incident and attempted to learn more on this serial killer psychological state of mind to help solve the crime. Meanwhile, Ivan met Bell at Siu Yau's home when they visited her. On the way home, they found out that they are both fans of a UK based music band and Ivan took the opportunity to ask Bell to go to the concert together. Bell casually agrees, oblivious that it was a date.

Sam gave Bell a ride home since she sent her care for servicing. During their chat, Sam mentions about the chairs on the police station rooftop. Bell said that it was her who placed the chairs there, but she has no idea who placed the table and commented that the cactus plant does not match the settings. Turns out that it was Sam who placed the cactus plant. They both laughed and imagine how wonderful it would be to relax at their 'rooftop café'.

On the day of the concert date, Bell's handbag was snatched by a thief. She manage to apprehend the thief, but became anxious when she found her special pen missing from the bag. Feeling concerned, Sam found Bell sitting alone at the rooftop café. He tries to comfort Bell and asked why she was upset about the missing pen. The pen was actually an engagement gift from Jason; Bell's ex-fiancé. He was killed on their wedding by Bell's admirer Alex, who lost his mind after she rejected him. Alex then turns the gun on himself. Parents of both Jason and Alex blame Bell for their death, calling her a Black Widow. Every time her father 1st wife mentions this word, Bell will feel upset as it reminds her of the tragedy. Sam advises Bell not to shackle herself with the past and move on with her life.

Meanwhile, Ivan thoughtfully prepares for his date with Bell, buying the aromatherapy oil (vetiver) and also asking Sam to suggest a quiet venue for a little rendezvous after the concert. Sam accidentally drops his crystal keychain in the car and when he retrieves it, he noticed Bell's missing pen on the car floor. He remembers that Bell could have accidentally dropped the pen when she was riding on his car the other day. He hurries back to the police station to return the pen to Bell. Bell was overjoyed and thanked Sam. At this moment, Ivan appears and Sam realized that Bell was Ivan's date when he presented her with the vetiver oil.

Since Ivan is not driving, Sam offered to give them a ride to the concert. Sam teases Ivan about the 'quite venue', embarrassing him further when Bell wanted to pay him back for the concert ticket. At home, Sam continues writing his mystery novel and started to give a more in-depth dimension to Madam Mui, whom is beginning to sound more like Bell. Just as he finished the chapter, Ivan appeared at the doorstep. Sam, having premonition that Ivan might fall flat on his face, teases him non-stop. Ivan was a bit dejected when Bell went home straight after the concert but he is not giving up.

After the team manage to catch the serial killer (sigh~ TVB always uses the same actor to portray this type of role), Siu Yau decides to postpone her wedding with Tim to further her studies in UK. Tim, understanding that Siu Yau is very interested in criminal psychology, agrees. Sam and Bell's friendship grew closer by day as they both like to spend their lunchtime on the rooftop café. On the other hand, Ivan managed to play a prank on Fun, Bell's father 1st wife when she tried to create trouble at his aunt's home restaurant. Bell was impressed and agrees when he suggested that they should got out for meals together.

Lai Ling (Bell's mother) was curious about Ivan and asked Bell if he was pursuing her. Bell did not answer directly, so when Ling have an opportunity running into Ivan, she gave him tips on Bell's favorite food. This led to Ivan attempting to bake cookies and using Sam and Tim as lab mice to taste his cookies, which he intended to present Bell on their next date. Both Sam and Tim teased Ivan on his ambitious project of pursuing Bell, but he is very confident that he will win her heart. In turn, Ivan hopes that Sam will be able to let go of Ding Ding and find someone new.

Bell often visits Sam at his office to test his IQ and chased for a new chapter on behalf of her mother. (I feel that Bell is much closer to Sam in comparison to Ivan). Sam noticed that Bell is having a sore throat, therefore he asked his assistant to purchase some throat drops. He was a step too late in giving her the throat drops when Ivan suddenly fetched Bell off work on his newly purchased Mini Cooper. Seeing them together, Sam hesitates and decided not to approach Bell. (Poor Sam!)

Ivan brought Bell to a seaside to enjoy the sunset. He surprises her with cookies and coffee – something he promised her during their chat at the bookstore's café. Under such romantic setting, Ivan couldnt control his feelings and tries to give her a kiss. Unfortunately Bell turns away, making Ivan feel embarrassed. Bell eased his awkwardness by hinting that she would like to go on a real date with him in the future.

As Bell is busy investigating a case involving diva singer Sharon (Shirley Yeung), Ivan doesn't want to interrupt her work, putting a temporary stump in his 'project'. He noticed that Sam have a box of throat drops and asked him for it as he wanted to present it to Bell who is still suffering from sore throat. Sam agrees, but calls him as the 'bandit' (you can also say that Ivan inadvertently stole Sam's chance with Bell). Ivan's golden opportunity came when Bell asked him out to watch Shakespeare play together. Even though Ivan has already made arrangement to play golf with friends in Mainland China, he quickly agrees. He ran into Lai Ling at the train station and decided to accompany her to her village to repair ancestor grave, since she was sick but did not want to inform Bell due to superstitious reason.

Right before the play starts, Bell received a phone call from Ivan saying that he could not come to the play. Bell was really mad and at this time, she saw Sam who was exiting the Cultural Hall after an art exhibition. She invites Sam to the play and they have a great time together. As they leave the theater, Lai Ling calls Bell to inform that Ivan was injured. They rushed to the hospital and Bell realized that Ivan was accidentally hurt himself while trying to save her mum from falling. She feels guiltier when they found out that Ivan was born in the same month with her – according to superstition, one cannot attend funeral activities during their birthday month. Bell feels that Ivan was injured because she always brings bad luck to other people. When she held Ivan's hand to examine his injury, Ivan took the opportunity to hold onto her hand and expressed his feelings to Bell. Feeling touched, Bell accepts Ivan with a shy smile.

Tim was visiting the police station for a talk and invites Sam and Bell out for lunch since they work at the same building. Bell noticed that Sam was having sore throat and offered him the throat drops Ivan gave her. Tim immediately recognized the throat drops and sensed something unique between Sam and Bell. He secretly teased Sam on the spot, who looked a little uncomfortable when Ivan calls Bell for a movie date. Even the Shum and team noticed something between them as they always disappears to the rooftop during lunchtime. Josie, being a fan of Sam, feels that he is very compatible with Bell. Formula of course disagrees, siding with her cousin Ivan. Wilson who is hopeless smitten with Formula, become a nervous clutter whenever she is around. Shum tried to give some advice to Wilson, despite himself being single for years – Lol... seems that Shum thought of himself as hot property and misunderstood that Yvonne is interest in him.

Bell's half brother Ben (Stephen Huynh) was kidnapped and she took charged of the case when her father reported to her, despite Fun's objection. Fun was extremely prejudiced toward Bell and refused to co-operate with the police. The situation becomes worse when Bell's father was seriously injured in a car crash during their attempt to deliver the ransom money. The infuriated Fun slapped Bell at the hospital, to the shock of Sam and Ivan.


I love Sam and Bell together. I repeat:


Sadly, a lot of Ivan-Bell/Sam-Ding Ding fans disagree with me as they think that Ivan is the sweetest guy in the world while Sam belongs to Ding Ding only. I agree with this first point that Ivan is indeed a sweet guy – but Sam belonging to Ding Ding only? Why shouldn't he move on? Like Tim, he accepts Siu Yau after his wife passed away. Tim loved his wife very much and they were married for years – it is certainly as significant (if not more) as Sam-Ding Ding who was engaged for 2 years. There is no specific mourning period as it differs in everyone. Otherwise they should just write a petition to TVB to have Sam became a monk then. Sam is truly a caring and remarkable guy; he deserves happiness – regardless with Bell or other women. Besides, moving on doesn’t mean that they will forget their loved ones.

I'm sure that Tim still loves Charlie (wife that passed away) and she will always have a special place in his heart. You can't say that he loves Siu Yau or his wife more. He loved two women, at two different times. Likewise for Sam and Bell, Ding Ding and Jason will always be remembered in their hearts. I personally think that it is selfish to have your loved ones hanging onto painful memories just because you feel that he/she should 'belongs' to you forever. It's easy to be depressed and give up on life when your loved ones leave you – the truly hardest part is to live a fulfilling life and move on for their sake. Sam is really working hard to move on, so please cut him some slack.

While on Ivan, he is truly a sweet and nice guy. He is a die-hard romantic and I think Bell is very fortunate to have him as boyfriend. Part of me really wants Bell to fall in love with him. I don't want to see him disappointed or even get hurt by Bell. He is very romantic to Bell but I can't help but feel that he could not connect emotionally with Bell. Since Jason died, Bell locked all her feelings deep down in her heart. She could not share her feelings with anyone, despite Ivan's repeated attempt to understand her further. Don't get me wrong – Bell told Sam her past not because she was in love with him – it's because that Sam went through similar trauma and he will understand how it truly felt to abruptly lose the love of your life when you are just inches away from happiness. She doesn't feel pressured, or judged by Sam. Sam and Bell has so much more in common apart from their sad past, but I'd leave it for the next recap.


vanessaboon said...

i also agree with the sam/bell couple. they look good.. lol

Charlotte said...

Hi! Do you have bigger screencaps of higher resolution? I love those pics!

By the way, I think Bell actually loves Sam more...

sehseh said...

Charlotte, you can get HD screencaps of Charmaine in FH2 at Baidu forum. The address is listed in my right sidebar.

Ally said...

I actually agree with you about sam/bell because i felt they have more connection, but who knows =x

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