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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Forensic Heroes 2 recaps (episode 11-14)

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Note: Contain spoilers.

Another week passed and here I am again, scratching my head on how to start my recap for last week's FH2 episodes. (That's why I rarely reveal the cases in previous recaps but chose to discuss on Bell's character development instead). Coincidentally, the last four episodes did concentrate on the relationship development between Bell, Sam & Ivan.

By the way, Madam Ma's english name turn out to be Bell. I would be lying if I said I'm not disappointed with the scriptwriters decision not to pick a more sophisticated name - Belle. Bell sounds like a name for a kitty.

Back to the series, since Ivan and Sam fought with the victim prior to his death 15 years ago, Bell requested to interrogate them. Along the way, she get to understand more on their past and believed that they are innocent. Back home, astrology plays its part again when Bell's mother decide to change their towels to match their horoscope. Bell remarked that she doesn't believe in astrology, since Wilson told her that a prince charming will retrieve her lost item (read: pen cap) and to her, Sam is nothing like a prince charming (see, he's cold to her). Turns out that Bell's mother is becoming an avid fan of Sam's novel.

The ever intelligent Tim Sir lend Bell a helping hand in catching the witness when he attempted to blackmail Sam using some pictures he took back then. Not only Bell help Ivan and Sam to clear their names, she also found a new clue on the victim's wife. Ivan and Sam are impressed with Bell and begins to see her in a new light.

Ivan delivers some food on behalf of his aunt to Bell's house and helped her in fixing her dvd recorder. Ivan picked up Bell's pen cap for the second time and she realized that he is the 'prince charming'. Ivan noticed the engraving of 'happy' on the cap and thought that it represents her happy memory. Bell replied with a sad smile. Knowing that Ivan are buddies with Sam, Bell's mother invite them over for dinner.

At the station, the team eavesdrop on Bell and Sam's conversation, thinking that they are having a dinner date at her place. To build a better rapport with the team, Bell invite the whole team as well as Tim and Siu Yau. Unfortunately, their party was disrupted when Bell's mother fell ill after consuming some food from Bell's half-brother Ben's restaurant. It was made worse when Fun (her father 1st wife) stormed into their place accusing them of slandering Ben. Belle and Fun got into an argument, with the latter cursing Bell as 'Black Widow'.

Later at a pub, Siu Yau advised them to respect Bell's privacy. Ivan realized that Bell have an unhappy past and feels bad for his tactless comment on the pen cap earlier.

Ben, fearing jail conviction for running a restaurant without license, persuades Fun to apologize to Bell and her mother. However, Fun fell into another rage at hospital when Ben informed her that he will be charged in court. Fun thought that Bell is the one pressing charges on Hung. Bell was embarrassed that Ivan witnessed the whole fiasco but he cheered her up instead. He encouraged Bell to forget her past and move on...

Tim and Siu Yau accidentally find an important clue of the murderer on the internet. Bell suspects the murderer is Gei (Stephen Wong Ka Lok in a cute looking role). After hearing what happened 15 years ago, Bell sympathizes Gei and his mother and asked Tim for his help in order to reduce Gei's jail sentence. Tim teased Bell for being the most worried about Gei when she is the person who arrested him. Sam seems to be getting interested to know Bell more. As Ivan, Tim and Sam heads home, Sam purposely avoids walking pass the bridal studio which still display his wedding portrait with Ting Ting. Tim and Ivan understand that Sam might need more time to heal from his pain.

Bell developed a good friendship with Tim, Ivan and Sam to the extend that Ivan suggested that they could be [Fantastic Four]. Bell joked that she's afraid she couldn't mix well with them since they're too old for her. Lol...

With their misunderstanding resolved, Bell seems to be getting along well with Sam. She visited his office and noticed the crystal keychain on his desk. Sam told her that it was a token of love from Ting Ting. When Sam asked about her engraved pen, she indicates that it was as important to her.

Bell ran into Ivan at the bookstore Sam recommended. Seeing a pictorial book on Bath (UK), Bell is reminded of her sad memory and revealed to Ivan that she once planned a wedding at Bath. Ivan encouraged Bell to let go off the past and drop hints that he is interested in her. Bell, probably oblivious to Ivan's wooing, replied that it is very difficult for her to do so...


Ivan is really sweet in the last two episodes, even though I'm somewhat irked at his over optimism. I'm sure that Bell appreciate Ivan's good intention but somehow she refused to open up to Ivan. Maybe she feels that Ivan could not understand her pain.

The right word will be Siu Yau's frustrated conversation with Tim in earlier episodes: "You are not me, how would you know I will be alright?" It's easy for everyone to say encouraging words but how would they truly understand Bell (and Sam)'s feeling if they never went through the same trauma themselves?

My point is proven further in episode 15, which will only be elaborated in next week's recap. Some tiny hints of what's coming next week:

Bell's tragic past
Ivan-Bell-Sam love triangle
Shum and Yvonne's romance
Siu Yau studying overseas.

p.s. And yes Charmaine look ultra gorgeous in episode 15.

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