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Monday, June 02, 2008

Forensic Heroes 2 Full MV

Credit to

Image Hosted by There is some vague spoilers in the MV above, so it's up to you to put two and two together if you want to figure out the ending for Belle. Let's just say that I'm kind of unhappy that my predictions is around 80-90% correct. Darn!

Anyway, there is plenty of Charmaine related updates in store; magazine interviews, [Turbulence] filming pics etc. Should I release them all together or one by one to hook you guys/gals? Hehehe... just kidding. It's Monday so I'm loaded with office work. I'll try to release the translation for Mingpao interview tonight.

p.s. I already posted the full version of "You Are My Angel" below. The full themesong can be found in my FH2 episodic recaps (episode 3-4).

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