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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

FH2 mandarin trailer

Note: Some spoilers


Image Hosted by The mandarin dubbing is really... Anyway, is that Madam Ma getting jealous? So many twists in Belle's relationship with Sam & Ivan.

Here's also some of the series pictures taken from

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Advo said...

Urgh, for once I am actually into a Kevin/Charmaine pairing and they have to throw in Sam? I thought they were a bad pairing in YY, but here they seem quite compatible. When you consider it wasn't that long ago since Linda died who is supposed to be Sam's grand love, they shouldn't involve him in the love triangle.

For now, it seems like Kevin is interested in Charmaine, but she isn't. It seems like she's still thinking of her former lover, but it also seems like she's starting to somewhat admire if not more, Sam. I know you have posted some clues, but I haven't guessed who she's ending up with, but I thought she was going to be alone? I thought I read that in a previous spoiler/post?

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