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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

FH2 Exclusive Interview for AOD

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'Forensic Heroes' Try Alternative Bowling

7 June 2008

Cast members from TVB series Forensic HeroesII <法證先鋒II>, including Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華), Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧), Sharon Chan (陳敏之), Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), Florence Kwok (郭少芸), Stephen Wong (黃長興), Vivien Yeo (楊秀惠) and Leanne Li (李亞男), went bowling on Thursday evening to promote the show, which is currently airing.

Sharon was not feeling very well, but still attended dressed in a small vest top and hot pants. During the game where the artistes tried some alternative methods of sending the bowling ball down the lane, Sharon was picked up by two of her male co-stars and almost exposed herself, but she insisted that she had a protective vest on underneath, so she was fine. Florence made sure that she was safe by holding her hand over her chest when it was her turn.

Bobby was asked about criticism from fans about the series sub-theme song, sung by female lead Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), but he said that he had not heard the song, so he did not know how it went. However, he supported Charmaine, saying that she is a good singer when they go to karaoke together and she also had a song recorded on the TVB artiste album Lady In Red <女兒紅>, so even though she is not at professional singer standard, then she can still sing in tune.

Bobby also revealed that he will be recording the theme song shortly for his series Sharp Plans <尖子攻略>, laughing that the song will have a R&B and Rap fusion. Asked if he is worried about poor feedback for his song, Bobby laughed that he has plenty of flaws anyway, so he will accept any criticism that comes his way.

Shirley said that she did not know about the poor reviews from netizens, but added that artistes should be encouraged to try lots of things. She expressed a wish to perform a duet with a male artiste.

Bringing her own bowling shoes for the event, Yoyo said that after injuring a ligament in her leg from a bowling game, she has not played for a year now, so she is not as good as before. Asked if her boyfriend Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) knows how to play, she said she did not know.

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Image Hosted by Bobby, WE LOVE YOU! Hehehe... so nice of Bobby to defend Charmaine.

p.s. It's because of Bobby that Charmaine accepts FH2 offer.

Last week's ratings: 31 points (peak TBA)

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