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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Earning money as landlady, Charmaine doesn’t want to be a rich housewife

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[Singtao 06/06/2008]

TVB series [Forensic Heroes 2] is currently airing and consists of a strong cast of 3 leading actors and actresses. The first episode broke rating records and considers a satisfying result. Charmaine is a new addition to the cast, her role being a tough, straightforward, precise and cool policewoman. The scene where she first appeared and tore her dress is similar to her real life personality: Work is always number one in her heart. Just celebrating her 33rd birthday, her love life is still empty. This makes her 90 years old grandmother very anxious but Charmaine expressed that marriage depends on fate.

Unnoticeably Charmaine already joined entertainment business for 11 years. She even received the long service award last year. Whenever she hears the jingle (music) for Miss Hong Kong Pageant, she still felt a tingle as it reminds her of her MHK competition in Hong Kong Coliseum back then.

"It still feels like yesterday. Time really flies by therefore we should cherish time. I hope to take a 2 month holiday every year to rest. My mother is aging so I need time to accompany her. I also need to recharge myself; I will be satisfied enough being able to eat my mum's home cooked food."

Charmaine's father passed away when she was 5 years old, therefore she have a strong bond with her mother. They can talk about anything. Since Charmaine is not young anymore, did her mother rush her to get married?

"Mum is very open-minded; she did not rush me to get married. She asked me if I wanted to get married, but I haven't found the right person therefore I did not put marriage into consideration. However my 90 years old grandma kept rushing me to get married. She said that you can't earn all the money in the world, and told me not to toil at work. I don't quite agree with my grandma's mindset because nowadays a lot of ladies marry late. Getting married or not isn't that important, the most important thing is to find a suitable person."

The suitable match Charmaine mentioned doesn't have to be very rich, as long as he could provide basic necessities. The most important thing is matching personality, as long as they are happy, husband and wife could both contribute to the family. "I believe in fate, marriage is not like buying vegetables, you can't rush it."

Does she felt that her own personality is too strong and tough? Can she be softer? Charmaine expressed: "I will have a softer side during suitable time. No matter how strong or tough a woman is, she also needs someone to love and take care of them. When I meet a man I can rely on, I will naturally show my softer side."

Charmaine knows how to plan for herself. In the past few years she worked hard and save money for retirement. Like she said: "It's not bad being a landlady!" For a life without worries; the more assets the better. Recently real estate are prospering, Charmaine sold one of her apartments and earned quite a sum. She's waiting for the real estate price to go lower before investing in another property. Everyone have definition of 'earning enough'. Charmaine have her own interpretation: "It's not the matter of earning enough or not, I personally treat acting like a hobby, I really enjoy filming series as my work. Even if I get married, I won't fully retire from the scene. This is because I am a little addicted to acting, plus I do not want to get dissociate from the society. I seem to get bored if I took a long holiday – my daily routine would be doing manicure, facial, massage, shopping, and high tea. I will feel so useless; therefore I'm not inclined to rich housewife lifestyle."

Apart from filming series, Charmaine have another wish that is to open her own kindergarten. She really likes children, but if she got married in the future she will have 2-3 kids at most. That amount is far lower than students in kindergarten. She imagines how happy it would be when a group of children greets her in kindergarten. Will she likes kids calling her Headmaster Sheh? Charmaine said that it is not necessary for her to become the headmaster, because she won't need to get up early in the morning. The reason for her to open a school is to provide a good study environment for children. It will be relaxing to just visit them at school occasionally.

Recently Charmaine kept a Scottish Fold cat "BB" as pet. Her friend's cat just have kittens, therefore she gave one to Charmaine. BB is only 4 months old and likes to follow her around. Because BB snores during sleep, Charmaine chased BB away from her bed. Since she kept this little precious, our TV Queen has to serve the kitten everyday, including BB’s toilet habit. She told BB: "I'm not your owner but your servant, helping your daily needs!"

Ever since she brought BB home, she noticed BB doesn't like using the litter box. Maybe it's due to Charmaine's busy working schedule, no one is at home to accompany BB, therefore BB always treat the bathroom floor as her toilet. Charmaine is so annoyed! However, BB also has a lovable side, wherever Charmaine goes she will follow, accompanying her to watch TV or putting make-up on. No wonder Charmaine always misses BB even when she's shopping. After she finished work Charmaine will rush back home to feed her.

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Anyway, back to the interview article. I apologize of there is any unintentional mistake - I admit my translations today is a bit rushed. There's another two more interview article and I hope I will be able to post FH2 recaps up today as well.

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