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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't miss Forensic Heroes 2 finale!

Clip credit to Charmaine Sheh TVB Blog.

TVB will be airing Forensic Heroes 2 final episode and production specials on June 28, 9:30pm on Jade Channel.

Image Hosted by Charmaine will be officially 'on leave' from TVB after June 28 and will be filming new series in September with Dayo Wong. In meantime, she will be enjoying her break in Hawaii with her mum and maybe attending some event in September to earn extra money.

I have also translated an excerpt in Liza Wang's news today:

Liza Wang clarify rumor for Charmaine Sheh

[ 26/06/2008]

Liza Wang modeled some jewelleries for a charity function and expressed that she have just finished filming TVB series [Turbulence of East and West]. Regarding tabloid news that she is unhappy with Charmaine coming late for filming, Liza helped Charmaine to clarify: "There are always rumors in every series. She has never been late to filming."


It's so nice of Ah Jie (Liza) to clarify for Charmaine.

Image Hosted by Don't forget to check out, Charmaine left a handwritten note for fans and there is also some gorgeous pics of her taken at TVB City after studio recording of [Pleasure and Leisure].

p.s. Added news clip for [Leisure & Pleasure] recording below. Bobby is so funny....

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