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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Charmaine Sheh strongest faith

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Translation in progress...

In recent news interview, Matthew Ko praised Charmaine:

"During the (FH2) filming process, Charmaine and Bobby are incredible, especially Charmaine. She can stand 5 days of non-stop filming, memorize her lines quickly and also take good care of juniors. There's one time where I keep NG a few times, she walked up and said to me: "You can do it slowly, relax a bit and don't push yourself too hard!" That moment I felt so warm."

p.s. Updated Charmaine's schedule. She will be attending an opening event for a real estate company in Qing Yuan, Guangdong along with Joe Ma. FH2 ending party clashed with her US event, therefore she could not attend the former. There might be another FH2 event on June 19, but details are not confirmed yet.

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