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Friday, June 06, 2008

Charmaine Sheh eyeing love in next two years

[The Sun 06/06/2008]

Charmaine Sheh's fadan position in TVB is very secure. Even though she is riding high on her career, Charmaine's love life is considered bland. Therefore she expressed her hope to find Mr Right within the next two years.

After receiving the Best Actress award in TVB Anniversary Award 2006, Charmaine's career reached another level. However, her fadan peers such as Ada Choi, Maggie Cheung, Jessica Hsuan etc have either gotten married, stop working, left TVB or even seek a greener pasture. Charmaine still continues like a worker bee. "Everyone's path is different, the company have so much series to film, it is impossible for one person to do everything! (Are you considering leaving TVB?) Haven't reach that stage yet. To me going to work (TVB) is like going home, I don't need to worry much."

Sharing acting with newcomers

As Charmaine chooses to stay in TVB, her position might be threatened by upcoming fadans. However, Charmaine does not sees them as a threat, but a wonderful compliment: "With 120 episodes per year, I really want to work with more newcomers! I also learn something from them – the newcomers acting are more straightforward and they have their own lovable features." When asked about her current goal, Charmaine frankly expressed that she is looking for Mr Right in the next two years: "I just go with the flow, as long as I’m happy and healthy. However, I will grasp the opportunity to find my other half within next two years. This is because a lot of my friends are already married, some even have children."

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Image Hosted by Sometimes I wish the reporters to pose more insightful questions during interviews. Everytime also ask about her love life - same question, same answer for the last few years. Can't they ask more about her upcoming projects, hobbies etc?

Here's the newspaper scan version. Yeah, she still resemble Carina a bit.

Note: I noticed that the original translation caused a slight confusion among readers. "...have either gotten married, stop working, left TVB or even seek a greener pasture."

Sorry, because I translated it in impromptu, so I forget to emphasis on that part.

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