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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bobby Au becomes matchmaker for his onscreen partners

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Warning: Major SPOILERS of Forensic 2 ending below.

Bobby Au becomes matchmaker for his onscreen partners, not worried being accused of copy cat

[Singtao 13/06/2008]

Bobby Au without doubt is TVB 'Lucky Star'. His new series [Forensic Heroes 2] with Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh, Yoyo Mung and Frankie Lam was arranged to be broadcasted during low peak period, but it doesn't seems to affect the ratings as it broke premiere ratings for the last two years.

[FH2] first week broadcast received average ratings of 33 points, considering a reassuring point for the series cast and crew. In the beginning, TVB planned to air [FH2] to counter ATV [Flaming Butterfly] ending week. Though [Flaming Butterfly] consists of a strong cast, but when both series clashes it is apparent that ATV could not fight against them.

Long running plan for [Forensic Heroes]

In the series, Bobby is paired up with Yoyo. A lot of audiences feel concerned whether he will have a good ending with Yoyo in the end, with a wedding. The answer: Definitely! However, it's a vague ending. When everyone thought that it is going to be a happily ever after ending, Kevin become comatose due to an explosion and could not attend their wedding. Charmaine rushed to hospital after receiving this news. In another word, there is a possibility of 3rd sequel. You can say that this series have long tern potential. Bobby also said: "It's not a problem to film sequels for example [Justice Bao], it is even alright for different actor to portray same character. Jing Ci Bak, Leung Sing Bo, Ti Lung and Gam Chiu Kuan have portrayed Justice Bao before; I would not mind portraying him!"

Not upset being accused of copying

Regarding [FH] being accused as copying US series [CSI], Bobby felt that they shouldn't use the word 'copy'. Both series belongs to the same genre, but in terms of cast, storyline and culture they are different. Both have their own merits and the most important thing is audience enjoyed watching the series about investigation, police vs. criminals, actions, arts etc. Bobby also said: "If you say copy, [Witness to a Prosecution] is a costume series but it is also about forensic pathology. They are just the same genre. For example court series, since US filmed [L.A. Law], does that mean Hong Kong cannot film court series? You mean [Heart of Greed], [Silver Chamber of Sorrows] copied [Dallas]? To be frank, there are countless cop series. This genre is very secure; the cases are interwoven with main characters personal lives and create a following. This time around, the plot is tighter as the 2nd case came up before the 1st one gets solved.

[FH2] consists of a strong cast. Bobby described Charmaine as not only intelligent, hardworking and punctual, she also have characteristic of a senior actress. "Charmaine's dialog in the series is extremely difficult, but not matter how difficult it was, she always handle them well like a recorder, not missing a word. As for Yoyo, she has good timing and we have chemistry in work. Kevin is handsome and suave, while Frankie has a cultured look. Everyone have their merits."

Helping female artist to find love candidates

Mentioning his best on-screen partner, Bobby feels she is none other than Jessica Hsuan. First, both of them have the same manager, second they filmed a lot of series together therefore they have chemistry and mutual understanding to a level where they do not need to speak to understand their intentions. Bobby laughed: "Jessica always asked me to help with her personal matters, apart from feeding her dogs, she also asked me to help her look for single guys. However, most friends around my age are already married, even if he is single and available, he must have a special requirement himself. I have to look at employment agency for suitable candidates (jokes). I also paid attention to candidates for Sheren Tang, Charmaine… Charmaine is another one (sigh), she's always so cool in public; sometimes there's a glint of fierceness in her eyes, causing guys to back down. Maybe this is caused by the tabloids writing her as flirtatious and coy, but if you have worked with her you will know that she is very humorous.

Bobby knows that a lot of ladies are looking for potential husbands in Mainland China. For career women like Jessica, Charmaine and Sheren who have good looks and financial stability, they will have certain requirements toward potential candidate. They might not like young guys in their 20's, but single guys around their age (Jessica, Charmaine etc) also have plenty of choices. These mature guys prefer young girls in 20's. Bobby can only say this to his lady friends: "Work harder!"

Not planning to have children

46 years old Bobby still sees himself as a big kid. In 12 years of marriage, he reached mutual agreement with his wife to enjoy couple's world. Earlier years there was a rumor of him being homosexual, thus they did not have children after so many years. Bobby admits that he likes children, but it is a huge responsibility to raise one. He might feel worried all the time; therefore he feels that there is no need to change his current lifestyle. He enjoys freedom with his wife; they can always go for holiday anytime after he finished filming series. In the future if they feel lonely they could always adopt orphans. Nowadays there is no such thing as raising children to have them taking care of parent at old age. He already planned to open a luxury old folks home "开心豪华老人院" because most of his friends doesn't have children therefore they could live together at old age. In the old folks home they will have professionals to take care of them, suites, theater, karaoke, pool game and massaging machines. How luxury it would be will depends on how much money they have.

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Image Hosted by Wah... Bobby revealed the ending so early! To my dear readers, please do not reveal or discuss the spoilers in cbox.

Hehe... Bobby is really witty and funny, especially when he teased Jessica, Charmaine & Sheren being single. I hope Bobby introduce a great guy to Charmaine...

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