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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Forensic Heroes 2 recaps (episode 5-10)

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Note: Please assume that my recaps contain spoilers.

Missing recaps for 6 episodes, I don't know where to begin with. I guess age (or rather the lazy bug) got me since I can't convince myself to do a proper recap for this week FH2 episodes. Will the screencaps above do?

I guess not.

In episode 5, we are introduced to Belle's family. Belle's mother Ling is her father's 2nd wife (or mistress), which means our dear Madam Ma is their illegitimate daughter. However, this doesn't affect Belle as her parent are still very in love with each other. She hates her father's 1st wife Fun because her mother (Ling) was Belle's father rightful fiancée before she (Fun) stole him away using dirty tactics.

Belle applied to be transferred to Kowloon West Crime Unit, with Wilson tagging along. However, they are not welcomed by Shum Hung's team who greatly disliked Belle's cold personality and taking away Siu Yau's 'territory'. Because the team have been concentrating too much on Siu Yau's case, Belle ordered them stop investigating and assigned them to other cases neglected over the past week. She decided to investigate on Siu Yau's case with Wilson but did not explain to the rest of the team.

Though Shum and team repeatedly hurl sarcastic comments to Belle during meetings, she ignored them and even provided breakthrough information for the case. With the help of Tim and Sam, they finally arrested the culprit of the bombing case. Meanwhile, Siu Yau regained consciousness but she have lost hearing on her right ear. The nerves on her right wrist was also severed, rendering her right hand limp. Siu Yau was devastated knowing that she failed to rescue Ting Ting and might never return to her post in police force's frontline due to her disabilities.

Sam and Ivan ran into Belle at their local Gun Club (firing range). Belle became distraught when she find her pen cap missing, puzzling Sam & Ivan. At this time Wilson called and gave her some horoscope tips; saying that a prince charming will retrieve her missing item. Later, Ivan found the pen cap but asked Sam to return to Belle instead as he hurried to the men's room. Sam noticed an engraving of "Lok" on the pen cap and realized that it meant a lot to Belle, who gave him a sincere 'thank you' smile afterward (probably Belle's first true smile so far).

Which led us audience to think - Who is Belle's destined prince charming? Was it Ivan who found the pen cap, or Sam who returned it to her? Ironically, the character name of Sam & Belle coincides with [Triumph in the Skies] leads which also revolved around a 'lost and found' memento. I hope this version of Belle is not as idiotic as her [Triumph] counterpart.

Episode 7-8 concentrates on Pui Pui (Astrid Chan) and her husband Matt (Savio Tsang). In earlier episodes, audiences assumed Matt is a psychotic man who have abusive tendency. It turns out that Matt have a tumor in his brain that affects his behavior, causing him to turn violent. As he have acute heart condition, he could not remove the tumor via surgery. Matt could not tolerate the side effects of chemotherapy and decided to kill himself. At last minute, he heard the melody of "You are my angel" and decided not to give up on life. Unfortunately, he was thrown off the building while fighting off a robber.

Pui Pui must be the most tragic character in Forensic Heroes 2. Not only her only sister Ting Ting died in a tragic accident, her loving husband was afflicted with brain tumor and killed by a stupid robber. Life is so unfair. The moral of the story: Treasure the people you love because no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Give more, take less.

Siu Yau was also inspired to come out from her depression. Before this, she have rejected Tim's proposal because she do not want him to pity her. Seeing Pui Pui's incident, she realized that she should appreciate Tim more. Since she could not work in the force frontline, she decided to transfer to Criminal Records Bureau. Tim presented her with two pots of hydrangea flowers as encouragement. I must say that I'm very impressed with Tim's romantic gesture ;)

Back at Belle's team, Wilson is stuck between Belle and Shum. He makes suggestion to Belle to invite the team out for dinner, but received cold reception by Shum. Siu Yau understands that Belle is a good leader and hopes that she will build a good rapport with Shum and team. Ivan's cousin, Formula was transferred to Kowloon West district and she was ecstatic being near to her idol Belle. As her mother Connie runs a home cooked food business, Belle decided to order some food from her. As Ivan stays with his aunt, he helped Belle carries the food to her car. Midway they ran into Belle's half-brother and his annoying mother, who took opportunities to insult Belle. Shum and team who happened to be on their way to Formula's house listened on their argument with curiosity.

Ivan tried to ease Belle's embarrassment by striking a conversation with her but she is not interested. Back home, Shum and team attempted to fish information from Ivan. Failing at that, they became very friendly with Wilson instead. As Wilson knows as little as them, they are very disappointed. LOL... Wilson's naive look is very cute.

After an incident at a bakery, Belle's stepmother filed a complaint against Shum. Prejudiced against Belle, Shum was angry and argued with her at the office. After the complaint charges was dropped, Shum was relieved and thanked Siu Yau for her help. Siu Yau told Shum that it was in fact Belle who took the trouble to investigate and find a witness to help him. Shum was embarrassed and finds an excuse to ask Belle out to group dinner to thank her. He realized that Belle did not hold a grudge against him and pledged his loyalty to her. It was quite funny seeing Shum being so hyper friendly at dinner, haha. Belle pranked him by pretending to order lobsters at his expense.

Meanwhile, Belle noticed that the lead character in Sam's novel is quite similar with her. She is annoyed that Sam wrote her as being arrogant and doesn't get along with colleagues. Sam points out that he introduced the character in one of his novels before they met, therefore it's not her. (However I do think he was inspired after witnessing Belle and Shum's argument).

Next week, we will get to see more development between Belle and Ivan.

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