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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Charmaine Sheh avoids accidentally revealing herself

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[Oriental Daily, The Sun, Mingpo, Wenweipo 1/5/08]

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh and Natalie Tong attended a watch event and there was an incidence where Natalie was suspected to reveal herself purposely. Wearing a short skirt, Natalie lifted her legs a little too high during exercise bike demonstration and caused the male audiences below the stage agape. Though revealing herself, Natalie certainly stole the limelight from Charmaine who was late to the event.

Swiss watchmaker Ernest Borel held the [Running Up to the Olympics] at Causeway Bay yesterday and invited Natalie Tong, Charmaine Sheh, Lisa S, Rosemary, Michael Tong, Raymond Lam, Angie Chiu etc for sport equipment demonstration. Natalie and Charmaine were arranged by the organizer to wear short skirt. Though Natalie knew she was wearing short skirt, she still choose to ride the exercise bike and exposed her white pants for two minutes, causing the male audiences below the stage to stare agape and stealing the limelight. Afterward, Natalie indicates that she didn't realize she had accidentally revealed herself and only felt it afterward. She denied purposely stealing the limelight: "Revealing myself? I don't know! I just revealed the protective pants, it's not considered flashing. I knew that I will be riding the exercise bike today, so I picked a skirt that is not too short. The one provided earlier was much shorter!" She expressed that she wore skirts cycling when she was young, but haven't tried that after she's grown up.

Charmaine was originally arranged by the organizers to play the rowing machine, but she's extremely smart and switched to playing the treadmill instead to avoid revealing herself. "Luckily there's a treadmill, but the stage is rather high therefore there's always a small risk accidentally revealing yourself!" She indicate though she did wear protective pants, she will still feel embarrassed if she accidentally exposed herself onstage.

In addition, Charmaine expressed that her favorite sport is swimming. However, she avoids swimming in public pool because she was afraid her pictures will be taken by paparazzi. Therefore she's working hard to save money and buy a house which has a private swimming pool.

Due to filming new series [Turbulence of East and West], Charmaine arrived half an hour late to the event. She has informed the organizers earlier and did not realize they were waiting for her. She still feels bad about it and apologizes to the guests.

Raymond has just become the spokesperson for this watch brand for a 7 figure sum. He was asked if he will present Linda Chung with a matching lovers watch. Raymond asked why and indicated that he is not pursuing Linda.

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Sehseh: Hmm... I don't think Natalie purposely revealed herself, maybe she was too caught up in the excitement. Anyway, Charmaine looks great in the tennis dress, I'm always fond of her in short dress.

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