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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Liza Wang and Charmaine Sheh Offered Singing Performance

Source : Huizhou Daily

When "Evergreen Hong Kong Artist" Liza Wang sang the classic song "万水千山总是情" the audience at the event sang along. With recently well received television drama "Glittering Days" broadcasted, Liza Wang and Hong Kong Artist Charmaine Sheh who played teacher-student in the series delivered skillful performances.

At last night's event, the teacher-student was brought up stage again hand-in-hand singing the song "我的心里只有你没有他" receiving warm applause from the audience.

News translation credit to Ivy.

Pics courtesy of

Sehseh: My (one and only) staff went on emergency leave, therefore I'm busy for since the last week till God knows when. Luckily we will be hiring new staffs, or else I'll go crazy. Hopefully things will resume back to normal in 1-2 weeks.

Anyway, thanks to Ivy we have translated news of Charmaine at the concert. I'll post the clip up when clear version is available.

p.s. Charmaine also sang Tian Mi Mi at the show.

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