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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sammul Chan cannot forget Charmaine Sheh's Care for him

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Last night Galie Lok and Sammul Chan attended a clothing fashion show and they were invited as guest models. Although Galie denied marriage reports with Leon Lai, but last night when reporters called her "Mrs. Lai", she didn't reject. She expresses that actually she does not like it and has not gotten used to it, but reporters still called her by the name Mrs. Lai, she didn't mind and also would respond. If someone on the streets called her by Mrs. Lai, she would not respond.

Last night when Sammul Chan was doing the show, he was absent-minded. Turns out that because he had just left TVB City an hour before the show, so did not have much time to practice a bit. Last night, it was arranged for a single room for him to change, but he said that he did not mind changing with other models in a big room.

Recently there has been reports that originally he would be collaborate with Annie Lau (劉心悠) in new series "The Academy 3", but the other party (Annie) thought that he was too "thin" (奀) and refused to collaborate with him. He expresses that he only knows that he is collaborting with newcomer Leung Ka Kei, does not know of Annie Lau. He said that maybe because she does not have time to participate in the series or maybe she really does think he's too "thin" and refused to collaborate - never know these things. But also there are rumors that he felt that Leung Ka Kei was also "thin", he expresses that with every new friend there needs to be time to get familiar with, he really wants to be able to help his co-star because when he filmed his first series, Charmaine Sheh took good care of him. [He referring to "The White Flame", his first leading role]

Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEntertainmentUniverse
Source: Takungpao

Image Hosted by So much 'rumors' on The Academy 3 set. I guess it can't be helped as tabloids really 'loves' Ron Ng, they like to write nonsense about him and his co-stars. Anyway yeah Charmaine treated her juniors well. Regularly I would read some interviews with newbies that they are impressed with Charmaine - they're mostly from the not so popular group compared with Fala, Matthew, Natalie etc but it shows that Charmaine do care for juniors regardless of their popularity. Then again, the three mentioned never worked with Charmaine. I heard that the current 'IT' newbie Linda Chung idolizes Charmaine.

By the way, Charmaine is going to participate in a well known singing program in Mainland China called 同一首歌 produced by CCTV. She'll head to Guangdong on the 8th, which is next Tuesday. I'll keep you guys/gals updated when I have further info.


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