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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Konna Chikaku De (So close like this)

Singer: Crystal Kay
Ending theme of Nodame Cantabile anime

That night I realized how painful love could be
with you so close to me
And also because I know you better than anyone else

Every time you offer me your kind support
My heart starts to tighten

Like this, Like this,
I gaze at you from so close
Why, Why
we're only friends?
No matter how, how
strong are my feelings
I just can’t tell them to you

You don't understand it
I'm so in love with you

When you asked me
"Is something wrong with you?",
I hid my tears in a yawn,
I said "Must be lack of sleep"

I'm lying again to you,
the most important person to me,

That's why
Every day Every day,
I feel so much pain
How many, How many
more sleepless nights will I have to pass through?
If only I could go back to
the first, the first
day that we met...
I'm so in love with you

Maybe I could show all my love with 2 more smiles,
But I end up showing just a forced friend smile,
I can't do anything more than that.

Actually, Actually,
I like you since a long time ago,
Always, always
I will keep lovin' you
You, you
I wish this feeling could reach you,
I whisper it to the blue skies,
I'm so in love with you

Like this, Like this,
I gaze at you from so close
Why, Why
we're only friends!
No matter how, how
strong are my feelings
I just can't tell them to you

You don't understand it
I'm so in love with you(x2)
You don't understand it baby
I'm so in love with you!

Lyrics translation by

It's been quite some time since I've recommended any songs in my blog. If you have been wondering what I am doing lately, I went back to my obsession with manga and anime to fill my depressing, 'non-Charmaine series' void for the past month.

Thanks to, which provide free scanlations for non-japanese or chinese reading fans - I have managed to catch up with my favorite mangas. My current obsession is Nana and Nodame Cantabile, evidently from my pc wallpaper to mobile ringtones (yeap, the song above is my current ringtone). I have yet to watch the anime and live-action version though I am planning to go to shop for DVDs for these two series tomorrow.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIf any of you are fans of the Nana, Nodame Cantabile or both (which is a little weird like me since the genre is very, very different) feel free to discuss with me via email or even leave a message in this post. Especially if you are fans of the smexy bastard Takumi or the hyper cute Nodame ;)

Anyway, back to the song above. I'm totally in love with it and the lyrics correctly describe the leads' feelings toward one another. I must say Nodame has become my favorite manga heroine. My sister even says that we are very alike in term or quirkiness and sloppiness. Though I'm a little weird sometimes, but I'm definitely not that untidy. Mukyaa... household chore is quite hard work you know... ahemm.


Cattleya_88 said...

Hmmm... I seldom comment here, although I do read the news about Charmaine regularly. I didn't know you were fan of Nana and Nodame manga as well.

Even a lot of fans likes HachixNobu pairing, I prefer Hachi to be with that bastard Takumi. That's because when Hachi found herself pregnant, Takumi is the one who stay by her side and be responsible, while Nobu just chicken out. I like Takumi for that reason, but I don't like him for being a womanizer and having affair with other women while being married. I think I would lost respect for Takumi if he really 'do it' with Reira. You should look up for Nana anime and Movie 1. It follows the manga well.

And both Nodame live-action drama and anime are good too. I find Nodame to be the luckiest girl in the world to have the sexy Chiaki as boyfriend. Lol.. Where can we find a rich handsome boyfriend who cooks well, do laundry for you, tidy your room and shampoo your hair? +genius musician. Oh.. Ignore the fact that Chiaki kicks her, for humours^^;

sehseh said...

Hi cattleya_88, thanks for commenting. Glad you are interested in the mangas too.

Yeah, I have to admit I'm Hachi-Takumi fans and now I'm dreading to read ch74 when it's out next month. Also biting my nails because I do not want anything to happen between him and Reira though Takumi special chapter did indicate that she is the most important person to him.

Just finished watching the live action and SP for Nodame. Now going through the anime. The detour story abt them going to the beach is hilarious! Too bad it's only in youtube, not the dvd set I bought.

Yeah, Chiaki-sama is hot... but in a sense he is lucky to have Nodame because she is also the person who can stand his tempers and too some extent, his own weirdness. They compliment each other well.

Cattleya_88 said...

Oh... Good to know that I'm the only Hachi-Takumi fan here! At least their daughter SEEMS to be Takumi's. Somehow their relationship seems to be in distance? With Hachi's friend indicating divorce but Hachi doesn't want it. That Takumi special chapter did make me understand better why Takumi is so protective over Reira, but he keeps hurting her in some ways.

Yea... I love the beach part too, too bad it was cut off from the live-action drama. Chiaki getting drown and stuck in the car with weird girls, Nodame-Masumi getting fight and Mine's tanning. Hilarious!

I enjoy reading the Europe arc recently, more character development for them and it shows how Chiaki-sama really getting more dependant on Nodame.

sehseh said...

I'm up to the recent chapter of Lesson 114. I got this dreaded feeling that Chiaki and Nodame is starting to drift apart, and Son Rui's appearance makes me feel uncomfortable.

It couldn't be helped that I don't like Son Rui the moment she appeared in earlier chapters. And now it feels like that she is imitating Nodame. Grrr, just back off, woman!

The manga have been going fine without those redundant love triangle, so I hope that Rui's character won't try to get between them.

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