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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Charmaine Sheh Cautious With Her Diet

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16 April 2008
Elvina Chang

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) fronted a promotional event for the Hong Kong Health Check and Medical Diagnostic Centre today.

The actress wore a Greek goddess dress and carried a touch similar to the Olympic flame.

Since Charmaine was made a spokesmodel for the chain of medical clinics, she has made sure that she has a full-body check-up every year.

Charmaine revealed that, with her long working hours and busy schedules, she was concerned that her health was not in good shape. However, the check-up revealed that Charmaine only has high cholesterol.

Asked by reporters whether or not she restricts her diet to keep her cholesterol in balance, she said that she has become a bit more cautious with what she eats.

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Charmaine says: "I like to eat roast pigeon, hairy crab and chicken skin. There's one exaggerated time when I ate 8 hairy crabs and had roast pigeon for supper. Nowadays I don't dare to eat that much because of the high cholesterol content." Since Charmaine is a celebrity, does she feel embarrassed going to gynaecology examination? She replied: "Of course I will feel embarrassed, after all I'm a girl. However, going to medical check up is a must because there's so many weird illnesses appearing nowadays.


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Image Hosted by Oohh, I love Charmaine in white! Pure white flatters her complexion.

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