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Friday, March 21, 2008

Spending on lavish meal, Charmaine gave $100 as parking tips

[Singtao 21/03/2008]

Charmaine Sheh is recently filming new TVB series "The Turbulence of East and West" with Liza Wang and Joe Ma. Though there are rumors of her and Joe before, she laughed and said those were old stories therefore she doesn't feel awkwardness working together again. Actually, after the rumor of her breaking up with Benny Chan, she has become more low profile and only goes out with her assistant. However she have never mistreated the people around her. Earlier, she brought her assistant to an expensive restaurant in Wanchai. After they finished their meal Charmaine gave the parking valet $100 as tips, she is really generous! In addition, she tries to finish her soft drink as she walks to her car, which is pretty good habit (Not wasting food and drinks).

If reposted, please give due credit.

Sehseh: Wah, why the sudden change in reporter's attitude? Normally they prefer to write negative stuff woh... Lol, anyway Charmaine is known for her generosity to her friends; picking tabs, lending money etc.

Charmaine is confirmed to be attending the Next Magazine TV Award 2008 - haha this will be Charmaine's 7th year in a row to be listed as Hong Kong's Top 10 TV Artist (hopefully!). Also won't mind it if she won the sponsors prize, because that means more pictures of her in the special issue. Wonder what theme Next Magazine will be using this year since the last two years is pretty bland if you ask me.

Another great news is that Charmaine is listed as one of "Most Favorite TV Actress" in a survey by HAF (The Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum). Results (in random order):

Most Favorite TV Actor:
Bobby Au Yeung
Bosco Wong
Kevin Cheng
Raymond Lam
Bowie Lam
Moses Chan

Most Favorite TV Actress:
Charmaine Sheh
Ada Choi
Bernice Liu
Myolie Wu
Gigi Lai
Angela Tong


Funn Lim said...

I agree. Very generous. I wonder how much she tipped the waiter?

Oh come on, the mags don't always just talk about negative stuff. 100 as tip is pretty sensational since most HK stars may not tip at all? Who knows. Is she really that generous towards her friends? Lending money and such?

sehseh said...

Giving tips is not a norm practice in HK. But doesn't need to make news headlines loh... luckily they didn't write ugly stuffs instead.

From interviews with her friends and colleagues, it seems that she's one of those 'yee hei zai lui' who would lend a helping hand for friends in need. I don't think lending money during emergency is a big deal to her since she think it's the least she feel she can do.

After her driving license is temporarily suspended, she let Catherine Chow use her car. She also gives out her designer clothes since it's waste for her to just keep it in drawer after 1-2 time wear. Also heard she was quite a good drinker so she's popular among male friends.

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