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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mag scans

[Super Trio] Eric Tsang sponsors entourage trip to US-Canada
Charmaine Sheh became male audiences favorites

[Mingpao Weekly] TVB's [Super Trio] have always been a favorite show, in next month a new Super Trio game show will be aired. Every Chinese New Year holiday, major casinos in USA and Canada will invite Eric Tsang to bring his Super Trio entourage to perform stage show. This year, Eric invited not only Chin Ka Lok and Louis Yuen, he also invited Michael Miu and wife, Kenny Bee and a bevy of beauties including Charmaine Sheh, Annie Man, Angela Tong, Sherming Yiu and Ellen Chan as his guests. Super Trio producer Chin Kwok Wai also joined the tour that lasts more than 10 days. The tour started from Vancouver to Las Vegas and return to Vancouver before coming back.

According to Producer Chin, Eric did not earn big bucks from this tour as others speculated. "To be honest the casinos won't pay for so many flight tickets for the guest artistes, most of the fare are sponsored by 'Dad' (Eric). Every year he hopes to have a happy Chinese New Year trip outside Hong Kong with his friends." Producer Chin also added that the segment most popular with audiences is the [Jewel in the Palace Roll], and the most picked artistes to play this game is Charmaine Sheh. "When 'Dad' allows male audience to pick female artists to play this game, all of them will request for Charmaine." Even though Charmaine's figure is not voluptuous, she is most popular among male audiences.

(Clockwise from top left)
Caption 1: Eric takes the group out for shopping during their tour.
Caption 2: Close buddies Charmaine Sheh and Annie Man shares a kiss for Producer Chin's camera.
Caption 3: Eric Tsang found himself surrounded by a bevy of beauties in his group. They climbed on him and posed.
Caption 4: This was Michael's first time joining the tour and he was well received by the audiences. His wife Jamie Chik was at backstage to support him.

If reposted, please give due credit. Mag scan credit to Maggie @ WWW.AH-SHEH.COM.

Sehseh: It was so nice of Eric to treat the group for a tour in USA and Canada. Also quite a long time since we last saw Annie Man. This must be a fun trip for Charmaine because not only her best friends Annie and Sherming is there, her mum also toured along with her. Charmaine's mum, Eric and Kenny are old friends so it's kind of like a reunion gathering for two generations. Lol...

Meanwhile, here's another mag scan of Charmaine attending Tommy Leung's daughter's wedding, courtesy of Baidu Forum.

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Note: Next Award magazine result will be out any day, the official award presentation will be held on March 26th. I'm sure Lee Sze Kei will get 1st rank for Top 10 TV artiste, hope Charmaine will receive good ranking too.

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