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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Liza Wang advise sick cast member to take leave

[Singpao 19/03/08]

TVB new series "The Turbulence Of East And West" led by Liza Wang, Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Edwin Siu and Raymond Wong held blessing ceremony at filming studio yesterday. The cast prayed for a smooth filming. With the recent spread of flu disease, some of [HOG2 ] cast fell sick and they had to stop filming a day to disinfect the studio. When asked if she was afraid of the flu, Liza noted that everyone must be careful.

When asked how many days have Liza started filming, whether it's tiring and if she is worried of getting sick, she gave a big reaction after hearing the questions: "Choi (touch wood)! We have to be careful. If anyone feel unwell they should take leave. However, I have already taken a health check before starting work. I was surprised by the reporters because they rushed toward me as soon as I got off the car." They also asked if she have called Sir Run Run Shaw to ask about his condition, Liza expressed that she did not. She didn't contact Madam Fong, but she hope that there's nothing serious with Uncle Six (Sir Run's nickname) and he is healthy as always.

Charmaine enjoy working with Liza

Charmaine says that she like working with Liza, because she could always go back on time and sometimes even a few hours earlier. When asked if she knew about [HOG2] casts stopping filming and the studio have to be disinfected from flu, Charmaine expressed that she is not too worried and they did the same thing during the SARS period. She will be taking vitamin C and supplements to strengthen her immunity system. She excitedly disclosed that after finishing filming the parts in Hong Kong, they will be going to Zhongshan to film outdoor scenes. It turns out that Zhongshan is Charmaine's ancestor hometown. They will be filming there for 3 weeks and if she have free time, she will be visiting her relatives because she never went back before.

On the other hand, this is Edwin's first series after signing management contract with TVB. Previously he has been filming series in Beijing. He is given the opportunity to work with solid actress like Liza and Charmaine in his first series. When asked if he is used to the filming here, Edwin expressed that though it's his probation period, he feels okay because the cast and crews are kind. He’s also happy working with a group of good actors since he could learn from them. When mentioned that everyone have to be punctual when working with Liza, Edwin indicate he knew this therefore he has always been punctual for work.

To accommodate his new role, Joe tanned his skin and lost around 10 pounds. Due to the influenza, a lot of schools closed early for holiday, therefore his son is also on holiday. Because his son enjoy a lot of different extracurricular activities, he will be more careful during this influenza period.

Additional excerpt from Takungpao:

Charmaine disclosed that she will have plenty of crying scenes in the series. However, she is happy working with Liza and Joe, especially Liza because she can go home on time and sometimes even a few hours earlier. When asked if she is afraid of the flu, Charmaine says that she will be taking Vitamin C and health supplements to increase her immunity. The series will also be filming outdoor scenes in Zhongshan for around 3 weeks, therefore she will be taking time to visit her relatives. The reporters pointed out that her hometown relatives might even light firecrackers to welcome her because she made them proud, Charmaine laughed and said: "No way! I don't know it!"

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