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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

HunanTV promo news collection

Note: Since there's so much news pouring in, I've decided to just translate the summary instead of word for word. Any unintentional mistake is regretted. If reposted, please give due credit.

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[HunanTV 11/03/08]

TVB stars arrived at Changsha airport and received passionate welcome from fans

HunanTV is currently airing [Glittering Days] which attained 1st spot ratings, and is planning to air [Land of Wealth] soon. Today, the first batch of TVB stars arrived at Changsha; Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma. Upon hearing this news fans became exited and rushed to welcome them at airport, and the stars showed gratitude with friendliness and lovely smiles.

Stars whom are expected to arrive at Changsha include Bowie, Charmaine, Joe, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan and Selena Li. Today, the former 3 arrived in Changsha and though it's not their first time coming, fans who received news of them arriving have already waited in the airport early in the morning. When they saw their idols, the atmosphere became very lively and excited. The three stars showed no attitude and though the schedule is tight, they still obliged to autograph and photos requests. Apart from Sina Live Chat, they are scheduled to appear on 《娱乐无极限》and《播报多看点》to chat about their career and life. In addition Myolie, Sharon and Selina will be arriving to Changsha tomorrow noon and the group of 6 will be attending a mass fans gathering.

Beijing Olympics hot topics among TVB stars

The three TVB stars that arrived in Changsha today were asked about they favorite sports in upcoming Olympics. They expressed that they are excited and will be watching at home, making time to feel the exciting atmosphere of Olympic. The most surprising thing is that the tall and handsome Joe prefers gymnastic while Charmaine prefer swimming as she will definitely watch the swimming matches.

The three of them expressed that they have been waiting for so long for such a big event being held in homeland, therefore they have already allocated time in the schedule to watch Olympic.

Charmaine expressed that swimming is her favorite sport as she often swims to keep fit. She is particularly fond of synchronized swimming and diving. As high diving is China's team stronghold, she believes that China will achieve great results in this category.

[HunanTV 12/03/08]

Charmaine Sheh becomes "Super Girl"

Today is the first day for TVB stars mass fans gathering "TVB群星耀行程". TVB first batch of stars Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma arrived at Changsha at noon and rushed to Sina Live Chat to chat with online fans and sharing information on their series. During the two hour chat, the stars displayed their friendly and affectionate side. Not only Bowie and Charmaine keep teasing each other, Joe also admitted that he is good in playing villain roles and this is quite conflicting for him.

Charmaine Sheh portrayed pig farmer Chu Yuk Lan in [Glittering Days] and was compared as the 60's version of "Super Girls" (HunanTV reality talent show]. From a simple girl with lisp transformed into popular singer. Charmaine chatted a lot about this character and told fans that she mimicked several type of lisp speaking method and let the director chose which is the best. In addition, she sang the songs by herself in the series. Though she doesn't need to fully sing each song, it was difficult to grasp the melody. Therefore filming this series is very challenging and meaningful. She feels extremely thankful knowing that the ratings achieved good results.

Speaking of Bowie and Charmaine, they have a many common topics, first they have acted together in 2006 mega series [War & Beauty] and later in [Dance of Passion]. Though their character doesn't interact much in [DOP], but each series is considered a classic. [DOP] is set to be aired on HunanTV soon as well. Mentioning about this series, both of them have different feelings. Bowie admitted that he preferred [DOP] over [WAB] because his role Yim Man Hei is very aggressive and most important character therefore he doesn't feel hardship while filming this series. Charmaine in opposite term this series as 'indefinite suffering'. While Bowie as a clan leader doesn't need to suffer much, she herself filmed plenty of rain scenes and due to the differences in day and evening temperature she almost fell sick. Charmaine disclosed that when Bowie fell asleep on the set, he often snores and everyone laughed hearing this.

Even though Joe is not promoting any series in this tour, he have another big responsibility as the ambassador of HunanTV's new season of "Strictly Come Dancing" in April. Joe often portrays villains in series and this has caused many conflict for him. He told fans that an actor biggest wish is to portray a multi-facet role and not confined to a type of role. Though he is very experienced in portraying villains, he hope to receive more varied and challenging role. For example in his new series with Charmaine, they will be portraying a couple and Joe's role is a family leader. Mentioning [SDC], Joe expressed that it was a memorable experience. In the upcoming 2nd season, Joe hope that he can make an appearance, either as a performing guest or judge. He told fans that his dancing skills learned from 1st season haven't declined.

When 5 hours of daily sleep is considered a luxury

[当代商报 12/03/08] Summary translation:

Being a TVB artist is not an easy job. Apart from maintaining their health and good looks, they have to juggle stressful workload. Joe: "I have to work nearly 20 hours a day, therefore to get 5 hours of sleep is indeed the more blissful thing!"

Bowie expressed his hardship in reaching today's status in TVB. He sacrificed his job as a police for a career as actor and at the age of 40, he finally received due recognition by receiving TVB Favourite Actor award. He told reporters that he started off as an extra, nobody remembers his name. It was his love and belief in TV series that kept him persevered till today.

Charmaine said that being an artiste is difficult as they are always filming away from home. She spent most of her time at hotels and filming studio more than at home. Needless to say that she unable to date: 'Being able to sleep is a great luxury. Though I'm anxious to get married, I haven't found the right match yet. Depends on fate."

Bowie, Charmaine & Joe at 《娱乐无极限》&《播报多看点》

《娱乐无极限》[Happy Together] will be aired on 15/03/2008, 5:55pm HunanTV.
I will inform 《播报多看点》in due time.

TVB 群星耀星城: 'Pig Farmer Girl' Charmaine Sheh transformed into super singer

[HunanTV 12/03/08]

This afternoon Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma arrived at HunanTV T2 studio to record promotional clips for their series. They are in a good mood and the filming was smooth.

A few days ago it was cloudy but today the weather is bright and clear making the trio stars mood lighten up. During filming promotional clip for HunanTV, Bowie and Charmaine have to shout the slogan of "Happy China" and "Hunan TV" and they showed their playful side but mimicking funny expression and making the crew burst into laughter.

Afterward, they filmed promotional video for upcoming series [Dance of Passion] and their dialogue was supposed to be "幕幕家族仇,段段儿女怨". Both of them is very compatible in their speech, but due to Charmaine's cantonese slang the word 家族 pronunciation's was affected. She feels that her pronunciation is not perfect enough and kept filming a few more times until she feels is perfect. The director praised HK artistes for their professionalism and hard work. Charmaine is very grateful.

Clip credit to 晓晓虹程 from

When filming promotional video for [Glittering Days], because Charmaine's partner Sharon Chan has not arrived at studio yet, Charmaine could only perform her dance in the series alone in front of the couch. This made Charmaine feel a little awkward but she manage to grasp the tempo soon enough. She danced without any music, showing her exceptional dance move and even twirled gracefully. She was a captivating sight. In the end, she even said: "I am TVB's Charmaine Sheh. Please watch [Glittering Days] and see how I transformed from a 'Pig Farmer Girl' into a super singer!"

Finally, Joe filmed some promotional clips for HunanTV 《以一敌百》which provide interesting information about Olympics. Due to his heavy Hong Kong's mandarin slang, a lot of pronunciations went off and creating a hilarious atmosphere. However, he doesn't have intention to finish filming yet, after many 'trials and tribulation' he manage to pronounce the word '冠军' successfully. After finishing filming, he wiped his sweat and joked: "This 'champion' (冠军) is even more difficult to achieve that Olympics championship!" The director praised him for his perseverance and effort.

More news and pics in progress....

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