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Friday, March 14, 2008

Hunan fans tell Charmaine: We Love You

[Takungpao 14/03/08]

TVB series [Glittering Days] by Charmaine Sheh and Liza Wang is currently airing on Mainland China HunanTV station. The series received good ratings and became the 1st spot in ratings among its competitors in the same time slot. Yesterday, Charmaine along with Bowie Lam, Joe Ma, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan and Selena Li went to Changsha to celebrate the good ratings and to promote upcoming series such as [Dance of Passion].

Highly popular

Charmaine carry a suave image by wearing clack cap, leather jacket and boots at the event. Though the image is androgynous she still look feminine. Due to the reason that Charmaine and Bowie came to Changsha to promote [War & Beauty] before and Joe also gained immense popularity after taking part in TVB-HunanTV's "Strictly Come Dancing" competition, they are well received by mainland audiences. Therefore when the trio appeared yesterday, there was a huge crowd and the atmosphere is very exciting. Among them, Charmaine is most popular as chants of "Charmaine, We Love You!" kept repeating in the crowd. Though the other team consisting of Myolie, Sharon and Selena are not that familiar with the mainland audiences, they still impressed the fans with their appearances. Especially Myolie who appeared in a black and white ensemble after regaining her slim figure. Her fans are pleasantly surprised with her svelte figure. In addition, Myolie took the opportunity to advertise for her slimming company by saying that if any of her fans went for slimming, she will ask the staff there to give them discounts.

In regard of [DOP] that will be airing soon, Charmaine shared her arduous experience while filming the series. She have to film plenty of scenes in desert under the basking sun and when she returned to Hong Kong she had to film raining scene instead, therefore quite a pitiful state. She also teased Bowie by 'complaining': "Bowie is too comfortable, because his role is a wealthy man, rarely goes out to desert and doesn't have to endure filth."

Supporting Olympics

The TVB group of stars expressed their anticipation of the upcoming Beijing Olympics 2008. They hope to attend the competitions to support the national team. Joe said that he likes gymnastics, he really wants to get entrance tickets to watch world champion Liu Xuan competing in gymnastics event. Chamaine who have learned ballet before preferred swimming instead and believes that the China team will achieve great results in this category.

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Image Hosted by Sorry that I have missed out another interview article with Charmaine, Bowie & Joe earlier. I'm only translating Charmaine's segment:

[Sina 12/03/08] Charmaine Sheh is willing to develop her career in Mainland.

Charmaine Sheh's character in [Glittering Days] was transformed from a simple villager to a super singer in the series. And the most surprising fact is that all songs are sung by Charmaine herself. One of the tracks; a Russian song was even learned from listening in the car. "Singing Russian song with lisp is extremely difficult. They want me to sing in Russian, but I don't know the language so they just passed me a CD saying: 'Just listen and sing'. I don't even have a teacher, so I'll just have to learn by myself. I have to film series day and night, so how am I going to find a teacher? I barely have enough time for shower! I can only listen to the song on the car, for a few days! They wrote down the lyrics in Cantonese pinyin, therefore it sounded like Russian!"

Afterward, Charmaine chatted with online fans and expressed her wish to develop her career in mainland. She wish to film one mainland series per year.

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Charmaine @ Mass Fans Gathering

Charmaine @ Interview with Joe & Sharon

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