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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Exclusive interview: Charmaine Sheh have no plans marrying rich and famous

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Silently admits increase of fees
Wanting to become a mother

[ 11/03/08]

"The fees have increased slightly from original." TVB Dongka Fadan Charmaine Sheh who came to Changsha to promote [Glittering Days] and [Dance of Passion] neither confirm nor deny the rumours that her filming fees have reached $40, 000 per episode. Working in entertainment business for 10 years, Charmaine expressed her wish of getting married in an interview with She frankly said that she would leave acting to become a mother.

Increase of filming fees

Earlier there was a rumour of Charmaine's filming fees being increased to $40, 000 per episode and there's quite a popular demand for her in Mainland China market. Though the fees is not really that expensive compared to first line mainland actors, but it's still a forerunner among HK TV actresses. Bringing up this topic, Charmaine's respond seems to be clueless: "That good? I'm not sure about that." Charmaine insist that she doesn't know how much other artistes are earning but in regard of the amount rumoured she neither confirm nor deny: "It's true that the fees have increased slightly from original."

As one become popular, rumours increased as well. Currently leading star in TVB, Charmaine have filmed endless series. There are rumours that rival TV stations have intention of buying her over with high fees. "There's no such thing." Charmaine denied allegations of jumping ship. She frankly stated that some rumours are nonsense: "Some tabloid wrote that I went to someplace and met a high ranking executive to discuss whatever, but I've never saw these people at all." She expressed that she is satisfied with her current career in TVB: "I don't have plans to switch company at the moment."

Leaving acting for motherhood
Entering entertainment business through Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant at the age of 22 years old, Charmaine have now matured and own a successful career. However in terms of romance, apart from her rumours with Benny Chan she have always been single. In regard of this, Charmaine admits she is full of imagination, looking forward for a day when she becomes a mother. "If one day I decided to leave acting or change my career, it must be for motherhood." When asked about her ideal marriage: "If I really have a baby, I will wait until the baby is 3 years or older to consider going back to work. I want to dedicate the time to take care of him/her."

However, all these remain as plans only. This is because Charmaine have not met the right match to get married yet. As for her future partner, she smiled: "Depends on fate. You must marry someone you really love so you cannot be rash in making decision. I do not want to divorce." Some female stars have married into rich and famous families but Charmaine doesn't envy them. "Different people will have different preference. Some like getting married to the rich and famous, while some just want to live a happy and simple life. I think I belong to the latter category, I like to have simple happiness."

Sex pictures doesn't only exist in Hong Kong

In regard of the hot topic of "sex pictures", Charmaine took a middle stance: "Both made mistake." She said: "Both sides have to bear responsibilities, but please give them some time. I hope that this incidence will fade quickly, there's just too much discussion on this issue."

Mentioning that a lot of people regard the "Sex Pictures Scandal" has hurt Hong Kong entertainment industry's image, Charmaine have her own opinion on this. "Hong Kong is not the first place with such pictures. Of course this incident is not a good thing, it does affect some people in the entertainment industry. However we should view this topic from a rational point of view. There are still a lot of other people working hard for their career. This unhappy incidence has already happened, there's no need to keep discussing about it, as people should look ahead. People are forgetful, I think after some time people will forget about this."

However, Charmaine admitted that the scandal made her understand about one thing: "Have to be more careful, girls should protect themselves."

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Image Hosted by Like many other Charmaine fans, I also want Charmaine to find her Mr Right soon. Maybe a little too badly since I even dreamt about it. I will find it sad that she will stop filming series after getting married, but it's another stage of life that everyone will eventually need to go through. I just want her to be happy. Who knows, maybe like Ada Choi she will suddenly dropped a bomb on us. Kekeke...

Charmaine and Joe will be returning to HK and starting to film their new series today. Therefore, expect some news in the next few days.

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