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Friday, March 07, 2008

Charmaine Sheh looking for Mr Right to share her blanket

[The Sun 07/03/2008]

Earlier, Charmaine Sheh filmed a bedding advertisement which require her to portray double role of a husband and wife. Charmaine joked that she really wish to find her Mr Right and shares mandarin blanket with him!

Charmaine have just renewed her spokesperson contract with a seven-figure sum. She expressed that the "Lady in Red" bedding range she endorsed last year was popular among newlyweds. The sales figures are good therefore it's not difficult to see that the boss dotes on Charmaine. During the filming of the advertisement, the boss purposely went to the set to support her. Though wearing a spaghetti strap dress and enduring cold and hunger, Charmaine was happy knowing that the boss came to support her.

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Sehseh: Yay, new pictures from A-Fontane! Charmaine became the spokesperson for this bedding company for a few years already and it's great to know that she continue to receive good treatment from them. Her fees was already increased to seven-figure sum since 2005 and they are very generous - you can notice that they are one of [Drive of Life]'s major sponsor.

Another endorsement news coming up soon...

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