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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Charmaine Sheh attends Tommy Leung's Daughter's Wedding

[ 29/02/2008]

Many artistes attended TVB deputy chief-director and producer Tommy Leung Ka Shu's daughter's wedding banquet. Among the guests are Michael Miu and wife, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Roger Kwok etc. Even ATV's executive Ho Ding Kwan attended the wedding, proving the Leung family's wide human connection. As for Roger Kwok who attended the ceremony alone, he explained that Cindy Au's tummy is big now so it is inconvenient for her to attend. Myolie Wu was pressed with questions regarding when will be her wedding, she quickly entered the venue evading the questions.

News translation credit to Ivy.

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Sehseh: It was Tommy's elder daughter's wedding and the banquet was held for two night in a row (27 & 28). Charmaine attended the 28th. I also like to note that Tommy have recently been promoted to the post of Chief Director, making him on same rank with Catherine Tsang. This is definitely a great news for Tommy's camp (i.e. Raymond Lam & Joe Ma) as they will stand more chance getting promoted this year. Charmaine used to belong to Catherine's camp, but in recent years she have been filming more of Tommy's production. Bad news is that we'll be seeing more of Toby Leung as lead actress paired with established actors in forthcoming series.

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