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Monday, March 03, 2008

Charmaine & her lovely BB

Since fans requested more pictures of Charmaine's new kitty; BB - Charmaine brought her to studio and took some pictures to share. Ain't she cute?

Image Hosted by Aww... makes me want to own a kitty badly. But I have no time for pets and there's no one at home so I think I'd be better off without one. By the way, I made a mistake earlier - Charmaine only have one kitten, and it's a 'she'. Sorry for the mistake and thanks Maggie for clarifying!

Please visit and support Charmaine's TVB Blog daily to increase her blog hits. The link is at the top of my 'Links' section at the right corner.

p.s. Last night I just had the weirdest dream - I dreamt that Charmaine got married! Wakaka... I'm so silly huh?


Funn Lim said...

That's not strange. I have those kind of dreams all the time. Question is, who did she marry??

sehseh said...

Can't remember my dream clearly but he's definitely not a celebrity. In my dream I saw a wedding announcement on TV, so like any fans I went sourcing for the 'groom' details. He's an established yoga health club owner - a businessman. He's good looking but not like actors kind of good looking.

sehseh said...

Haha.. I guess maybe I really want her to find a good husband quickly.

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