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Sunday, February 03, 2008

TVBeauty Issue 003: Golden Queen

Warning: Please do not direct link the images to other sites. If you must repost, kindly re-upload to your own images hosting servers (imageshack, photobucket) first. I can't guarantee that the 'stolen' pics won't be replaced by some mischievous images at other sites, and in turn may be a big embarrassment for you. I've already noted this issue many times, so like the Chinese saying goes: "不吃软就吃硬 If they don't want the nice way, give them the hard way." The choice is yours.

Mag scans credit to jessica3_2005 from

Additional scan: TVB Blog [Forensic Heroes 2]

Frankie Lam TVB Blog: Dangerous Falling Scene

Translation summary: The FH2 cast filmed an action scene on top of a 4 storey building. In the scene, Queena Chan took Charmaine as hostage and in a struggle, Queena and Frankie fell off the building. Luckily Bobby Au saved him in time. Charmaine accidentally injured her arm filming this scene :(

Meanwhile, I posted plenty of updates below, so do check it out!

p.s. Some magazine mag scans credit to Joyce:

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