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Friday, February 01, 2008

Scoop newsclip: Charmaine @ Astro Award

Clip credit to Bebe

The above is a news clip of Charmaine and other TVB artistes arrival at Malaysia for the Astro Award 2007. Charmaine said she want to drink cold lime drink (it's a special local concoction of green lime and plum). Later at hotel Charmaine and Angela were caught 'ransacking' in Bosco's room. Roger, Kevin and Wayne are also hanging out in the room.

Related news of Angela that mentions Charmaine:

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[Sina, Xinhua 1/2/2008] Angela owes Charmaine a meal

Earlier Angela Tong attended an award ceremony in Malaysia and received a sponsor of jewellery worth $600,000. During the ceremony she carelessly dropped the bracelet worth $200,000, luckily Charmaine cautioned her. "Because the bracelet was not secure so I didn't realize it slipped off, quite dangerous." She laughed that Charmaine hurriedly told her: "You silly woman! You dropped your bracelet!" Only then Angela retrieved her bracelet: "I'm thankful of Charmaine, I owe her a meal."

Sehseh: TVB Artistes Dinner Gala pics and clips will be uploaded tomorrow. Hmmm... Raymond is here in Malaysia today, I wonder if I should go to his album autograph session tomorrow? It will be so crowded...

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thedaydreamer said...

hey do you know which hotel they stayed at in msia?

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