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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

iWEEKLY Interview: Iron Lady Charmaine Sheh

Mag scans credit to Qeggegg &

[Issue 535 - 536, Singapore]

During the photo session, she asked the assistant wait outside. A simple word, spoken gently but firm. You can even feel her authority. The 22-inch waist 'dei jing' reported by HK reporters? No, I just saw the Queen.

Those who called her as coy or flirty, certainly doesn't understand her.

She is born with a coy voice and not her personality.

Sitting across, she is gentle voiced but straightforward. If she wants to tell you something, she will tell you in a friendly manner. If she doesn't want to, she'll just draw the lines with a soft intonation.

Ironically, she reminded me of Carina Lau who excels in female charms, but has a tough personality as well.

Charmaine have a tough personality.

After participating in Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant, she was highly promoted by the company. She becomes famous almost overnight but her weak acting has brought criticism and finger pointing. This kind of non-stop criticism surely break one's spirit.

Her father passed away when she was 5 years old, therefore forcing her to be mature since childhood. This in turn has provoked a fighter spirit in her. "My personality is much like my mother. I saw with my own eyes what she went through after my father passed away. Since young I've learned take care of myself."

After she has gotten popular, the criticism diminished but here comes the rumors.

Who and who is getting more screentime, fighting for awards, not getting along…

Charmaine studied in girl's convent school, therefore she is no stranger to girl's habit of making rumors. When she joined MHK, the contestants are competing against each other in looks and wits. She also witnessed the negative side hidden behind the glamorous MHK veil.

If you can't stand the pressure then just cry, she said. It will feel better after you bawled your feelings out.

"I also use the 'ostrich method': I don't read the entertainment news, the world will feel more beautiful this way and the people kinder. Luckily, I'm quite forgetful. I can't even remember what I ate yesterday. Tabloid news? Hehe… forgot about them."

Charmaine's world is certainly beautiful.

She is the first actress in TVB history to win double award, and the owner of two home properties worth millions. Because of her tough personality, she still has much more in store for her.

Sitting across, she exudes gentleness and feminine aura.

Guys most certainly will like her. On the other hand a lot of ladies sees her as public enemy. Therefore it's not difficult to understand why she has so much rumors.

"Girls are a bit wishy washy, while guys are straightforward and to the point. I'm more that way, one is one, two is two kind of person. I feel more comfortable being friends with guys."

Entering the entertainment circle in 1998, filmed 32 TV series. The heavyweight rank Fadan in TVB.

10 years of youth spent with working days and night is returned with fame, but losing out on love.

"Of course there are pursuers, but I’m always busy filming. After postponing a few dates it just gets nowhere."

She wished to get married at 27 years old and have kids by 30 years old. Now she realizes it's just wishful thinking.

"Haha, I’m really naïve back then. I’m a girl of course it's always about romance. Now I realize that I can't even plan my career, what more a relationship that involves 2 people? Of course I'll get married, there are 800 thousand people in HK, surely I can find one to spend my life with…" She laughed softly at her self-pitying answer.

"In the past, I hoped he will be a tall and good looking man with high education and social status. Spending so many years in the entertainment circle, I saw through the real faces of many men. The good-looking ones are not trustworthy while rich ones mostly are playboys. All I want now is a guy with a stable career so that I don't need to worry on the basic necessities."

After attending pal Ada Choi's wedding, she told herself not to give up on love.

"At that time, I sat at the back row. I saw her (Ada) holding onto the bridal bouquet and closing her eyes in anticipation. I can see that she really loves her husband, that moment is so touching. I hate her, she made me cry…"

Rumors are just like the sparkling fireworks. Just that, no one understands that fireworks feel lonely too.

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Sehseh: Charmaine is now in the prime of her career so it's unlikely that she will get married and retire in short term. However, I do wish her to get married to a nice man and have her own happy family. It doesn't matter if she retires from entertainment circle, because she deserves happiness. Haha, plus she saves money like mad in the past few years (even her TVB colleagues says so!) so she'll definitely have no trouble getting by.

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I saw recent picture of Charmaine in Vancouver at and it seems that Charmaine have a long scar at her left arm. Feel so hurt seeing her injured, hope that she will take care of herself.


Wallace said...

Thanks for posting the article.I admire Charmaine more and more after reading it.She really deserves the success.I also suspect her scar was due to her recent injury while filming FH2. Poor Charmaine! Hope it will go soon!
Sehseh, Happy New Year! Enjoy your holiday and hope your PC will get fixed!

fire said...

Seems like all the articles have the same stuff over and over again don't remember how many times I have read this kind of info on sheh xP

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