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Monday, January 28, 2008

TVB Blog: Forensic Heroes 2 wedding scene

Magazine scan credit to jessica3_2005 from

There's nothing much that mentions Charmaine in the article above, but the gorgeous pic is more than enough. She is the maid of honor in Bobby & Yoyo's wedding.

Sorry for the absence during the last 2 days as I was with the fanclub gang going around to support Charmaine. Not much picture taken by me but there will be plenty taken by our official photographer (also leader) Patricia! Hope you don't mind I call you that, dear tai por.

I will try to post news translation and updates as soonest. However, as Charmaine is only leaving tomorrow - let's just say I'll find it difficult to fully update before that!

Do keep an eye out for updates!

News update: On her upcoming series with Joe Ma and Liza Wang (in March), the supporting cast are Selena Li, Edwin Siu and Raymond Wong.

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