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Friday, January 25, 2008

Transportation mode to Sunway Pyramid

For those who wish to go to Sunway Pyramid tomorrow (26 Jan 2008) for the Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007, here's some suggestion on the mode of transport courtesy of Rachel:

By Bus

Metro Bus No 13 (RM2.50 from K.L) & if take from Mid Valley (RM2.00), Hilton P.J. (RM1.50)

Metro Bus 10 (RM 2 frm K.L.), RM1.50 from Mid Valley, RM1 from Hilton P.J.

Rapid K.L. Buses

U63 & U67 from K.L, Central Market (in front of 7-11),Mid Valley, Hilton P.J.

U76 from Mid Valley which bypasses Old Klang Road

U62 from Klang

The U buses are @ RM2 pay once (use ticket for ref when travelling through & fro)


Take the Putra LRT like to Kelana Jaya.

Take feeder bus T623 - RM1.


Additional note from me (sehseh):

I'm a cab person (sorry, I'm a typical lazy young adult!) - so for those living at Ampang, Melawati people who already suffered 45 mins of LRT ride and doesn't wish to be stuck at traffic jam in a bus, you can consider taking cab directly to Sunway Pyramid.

Note: Please DO NOT go to the taxi station below the LRT station, they will rip you off by charging RM15-20 per ride. If you cross the pedestrian bridge and took cab from opposite side, they use meter and the cab normally cost from RM7.50 - RM9.00.

Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards Presentation 2007

Venue: Main Concourse, Oasis Boulevard Sunway Pyramid
Time: 7.00pm (Red carpet)

Venue: Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (Level 10)
Time: 8.15pm (Award presentation, tickets required for entry)

For further information on Charmaine's schedule for the next 2 days, refer here.

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