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Friday, January 25, 2008

KLIA schedule 26 Jan 2008


Mesg from Patricia, person in charge of Malaysia fanclub:

Those who wanted to welcome Charmaine at airport, please meet at KL Sentral Station, McDonald before 10:30am tomorrow. Don't be late!

And wear the fanclub t-shirt, ok? For those who doesn't have fanclub t-shirt, please wear pink colored top.

Otherwise, please arrive at KLIA before 12:15pm.

Plans for the Astro Award will be discussed there. On the tickets, priority will be given to registered fanclub members, on first come first serve basis.

Sehseh: We as Charmaine's fans have responsibility to protect Charmaine's image as our actions are somehow reflected on her image. So if anyone tries to be unruly or rude to Tina (her manager) - we might blacklist that person. So please co-operate as I'm sure Charmaine will try to accommodate fans the best she can. Let's make this 2 days a very successful one with a good start!

p.s. I won't be online tomorrow. The soonest I will access the internet will be on morning.

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