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Thursday, January 03, 2008

[FH2] Frankie Lam fear of heights

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[The Sun 03/01/2008]

Injured his waist, using body double instead

Charmaine Sheh, Frankie Lam and Queena Chan filmed falling scene for [Forensic Heroes 2] yesterday. The scene is about the villain Queena falling off the building together with Frankie. Due to his waist injury, Frankie could not film the scene himself and instead used a stunt double along with Queena. "Earlier while filming an action scene, I have accidentally injured my waist therefore I have to use a stunt double. (Are you afraid of heights?) A little, I'm not afraid of riding roller coaster but terrified of the Viking Ship though. I have recently moved to a new apartment, it's almost on top floor. When I looked down, I feel a little scared."

Queena: "I'm not too afraid but I've never been dangled outside a building before. After the stunt double finished filming, I have to repeat some close up scene. The action is quite difficult."

Charmaine expressed that there are plenty of action scenes in the series and she has injured her arm earlier. She also did not took filming break on Christmas. "The rest of the cast took leave so I kind of filmed for 10 person. Luckily I did not have to work later at night, therefore I invited some friends to celebrate at home."

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Image Hosted by Seems like FH2 filming is behind schedule again. Charmaine was supposed to finish filming by 28th December, but from the news above the filming might drag until end of this week. Hopefully Charmaine will be able to get her holiday break soon!

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